Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Twins - Are they look alike?

That day we were on the way to shopping center, I always like to bully my son. I ask him :

1+2 mom : boy, our school got 2 same face jie jie (twins). Do you recognize them?
Carter : Nope, I dunno who is who.

1+2 mom : then your mei mei is same face or not?
Carter : No, they were got same face. 1 is Carol and 1 is Carrie.

1+2 mom : but they are twins, people said they same face.
Carter : No, mei mei not same face.

For him, his sisters are not look like twins for him but the school twins sister he said they are same face and dunno who is who.


jazzmint said...

hehe own sis mah..maybe he recognise them base on certain character..

yenlin said...

same as mine. @@

1+2mom said...

nope, he recognize them with the face. For us, both of them are not look alike.

we this 2 family, so many things are so alike.