Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My latest update

So long didn’t update my blog, so buzy these 2 weeks.Sorry that I really have no time to blog hopping but will try to read some blog maybe I didn’t leave any comment.

Nearly year end, I think most of the kiddy teacher will be very buzy with their own school concert. Last Wednesday went to shopping at Petaling Street with the principle and another college to buy the dance costumes. It was a very tired day, cant believe can walk about 5 -6 hours without rest..mad man. That nite sleep very early, the kids dump to 1+2dad to handle. The next day after work and had the lunch (2pm) I also sleep untill 6pm.

I had my hair cut last week, I cut it short cause when practice the dance it sweat a lot and no so comfortable after that.

My mum had sends me and my family some cloth and shoes from USA. I like my gals cloth so much, I didn’t take my son cloth photo cause my son dun like the singlet. I forgot to take my hubby polo shirt too cause my mum bought about 15 pcs of it, and very hard to arrange and take photos..hehe..actually lazy.

These are my gals own made puzzle idea. They force me to take photo for their work because they always saw me take photo for my son’s hand work, so they also want too. Carol I dunno what is that but she told me is bird. Carrie was made a flower pot but I saw it just like a castle.

Yesterday, we brought the kids to 1+2dad uncle condo to swim (actually more for play water). Carol cannot stand properly in the water so she slept into the water, I quickly pick her up but she had drunk some water. She said dunwan to play anymore, I scare she will scare to swim anymore so I said I accompany her by her side. She was ok after that but she wont go any further to the pool. Hope she wont scare after this, I’ll try to bring her more often to swim.


yenlin said...

thanks god... u r bacK!

Jacss said...

yalor waited so long for yr update....

wah...u really showcase yr new hairstyle huh??? me too cut short edi...but dare not show lar!!

nice clothing from US wor...branded ones are so much cheaper there!!
my sis will be buying back some shirts for us fr US too next week & i shall blog too !!

jazzmint said...

wah lots of goodies from USA

Annie Q said...

Nice hair cut! U look more fresh!
Wow..Po Po so nice bought so many things from US!

Sasha said...

short hair make u look younger...maybe i shud cut it short also. and so many stuff from US. I WANT!

IMMomsDaughter said...

WAH! So nice, so many gifts all the way from US. Btw, you look great in the new hairstyle. Much younger, makes me feel like cutting mine. LOL.

chanelwong said...

you look much younger...hmmm should i cut my hair ar?

1+2mom said...

hehe..i always here :)

nolar, just to memories my long hair style. If i want to keep back that length need about a year ler.

Yalor, so i always call my mum buy this and that..somemore i no need pay mar.

My mum are so kind to get all the stuff for us.

annie q,
Will look like a teenage gal?

sasha, immomdaughter,
Why ar? You all also want follow, so that's mean my hair cut is nice lor..wahaha..(so happy). Thank you.

thankz, i think is time to change a new look. btw, i cant leave a comment in your blog it said need the owner approval.

mama bok said...

Like your short hair.. makes you look way younger.. :)
Wow..! so many clothings..! lucky kids..!

Tracy said...

Wah! 'Hou sau wok hor? So many nice stuff from US.

What a coincidence, Des has the set of puzzle too. She calls it "Crab puzzle"cos on the 1st page, there's a big crab.

U look great with ur new hairstyle. Whether u are spotting with long or short hair, u still look dat pretty. I understand it's not easy to control and guide those kids in the kindy. Des's kindy just had its concert day.

everydayhealy said...

First time here. I was once a kindy Teacher too. Anyway, I like your gal's clothes so much! Looks like US design is always much advanced than us here. :P

Er... I have a mothering blog in WP too. This is it, http://everydaylizzy.com. See you there! :)

CutiePrincessMummy said...

u look younger with ur short hair lar... :-)

1+2mom said...

mama bok,
hehe..they have a nice grandmum :)

tracy & cutieprincessmummy,
Just because of i'm look much more younger with short hair so i keep it long but feel bord of long hair look so i cut it short.

welcome to my blog, this few week quite buzy and didnt updated my blog but please drop by often :)

yea, i like their cloth too. Because of that my mum cant stop buying the cloth for my kids..haha.