Tuesday, October 30, 2007

School Concert

Yesterday was our (me & my son) school concert, it was so successful (the hq ppl said). In the morning at about 8am my colleague fetch to school and off we went (the whole school teachers) to Civik Hall for the decoration with another 2 school teachers. We took about 1and a half hours to finish the decoration and we went for lunch.

Reached home at about 12.30pm, had some rest and start to make some tuna sandwiches for the teachers snack at hall there. The days before the concert my youngest sister promise to help me do make up for my class student and she reached at my home at 2.35pm.

My sis fetched us to school at about 2.50pm, some teachers and students were already there. I brought my sis to my class and wait a while some students came. Luckily I had 2 parents helped me to change the kids and I need to tie the long hair girls. 1 of the girl refused to change, I need to pursue her and she keeps on crying and at the end she wanted her mummy to follow with her to the hall. Her mother changed her and done the entire make up. She brought her daughter back to change herself and sent her to the hall by herself.

Depart from the school at 5pm sharp, reached at the hall I busy touch up their make up. You know the kids, they keep on rubbing off the make up and there had a photo section for the kids. Not only that, after one b one taking all the photo they had another photo section for the class photo..oh my god!!I need to touch up the kids again. Some more the principal said the kids no need bring along with their tumbler so I need to feed them 1 by 1 (they provide mineral water in the cup, you know how soft was the cup? Just a press all the water came out and wet the floor and how the kids sit?).

Keep on ask them keep quite, feed them water and food. I tell you, that whole day from 3 pm till 9.3pm I not even can sit down so until now I still feel my whole body pain. Hope next year 3 & 4 years old didn’t take part so we can help the 5 & 6 years old teachers to control the class.

Back to the concert, it starts sharp at 7.30pm. Once the principal and the children finished their opening speech the concert was start. The first item was our school 6 years old class with ‘Muhibbah Dances’, following by the 3 years old. Then from Andalas they had ‘Manchurian Dance’. (we whole school take part but the other school just 6 years old take part). After that is our school another 4 years old class, they perform ‘Chicken Little Dance’ (the costume not look like chicken little cause we think of they can wear out next time). Next will be from PRMM they perform ‘Rain’, and after that will be my class they perform japaness dance.

Once my class finished their preferment will be my son turn. Their class performs ‘Joget Pahang’ I was so happy that he can dance very well on that day. Every time I saw him practice at school or the rehearsal day he still cannot dance properly (usually he dreaming there). Good job son!!

Later is from Andals too with Hawaian dance then is our school another 5 years old class with Jeneffer Lopez ‘Let’s Get Loud’. After that continues with Andalas too, with 3 items from 6 years old. (they had 6 class of 6 years old : 3 morning session and 3 afternoon session).
The concert end with all the teachers and children on the stage sang the ‘Negaragu, Q-dees, Fliptec@Q & En-Gedi with Love song. The children will release class by class to the parents. Back home at about 10.30pm and we go had a dinner behind my house. It was another busy and tired day.

At last thanks for daddy help that he took so many photo for the whole concert. My girls didnt followed cause my in law brought them to templer for pray.

Below the slide is for my school classes that take part.Some other classes no chance to take so just part of it.

This one is my son class.


yenlin said...

i feel 'tired' by just reading it too @@

Grace said...

Tired but worth :)

jazzmint said...

wah really along day and looks fun for the kids

chanelwong said...

Well done to your boy...It is a great achievement to be able to perform on the stage...

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Wah, the concert looked so 'glam' & FUN!! :P

Jacss said...

i would thank u on behalf of the parents....where to find such good teacher who bothered to keep feeding the kids with water & food!! anyway, i can feel the tiredness u had encountered but worth the memories i'm sure!!

huisia said...

ask your hubby give you a massage :)

1+2mom said...


yea, they are great at that nite.

not so fun for the kids, all of them are so tired and i had 2 of them cried because wanted to sleep.

thanks, he was a shy type person but that nite he was great.

i no chance to watch on the spot, need to wait until the VCD out..sob sob.

aiya i very paiseh lah, they all just look like my kids sure i pamper them too..hehe.

yes, my hubby did :)

Anggie's journel said...

ur son doing well on the stage ... brave lei !!

mama bok said...

Wow..!! so showey.. the concert.. ;) really take my hats off... to asian school.. :)