Wednesday, October 24, 2007

UK trip

My elder sister is going to visit her best friend at UK next month. I wanted to introduce her 1 exciting places that suitable for her.

That day I come across this website that the UK also has some kind of theme parks like our Genting Heighland that suitable for the whole family to hang there. With the ride wrist bands you can have unlimited ride in the park. Now they are having a best deal if you booking online in October it just cost £20.

Yea, until here I haven’t tell you what is that place? It name Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. This theme park was the UK’s oldest theme park and also 1 of the UK’s biggest tourist attractions. They are having over 125 rides and shows.

This Theme Parks have many kind of ride that suitable for all age like for those adrenalin seekers, The Pepsi Max Big One ride can turn your world upside down, and some other rides like Infusion, Big Dipper are also a world famous and attract of 6 million visitors each year. Beaver Creek Children’s Theme Park is special dedicated themed safe haven for young children and their families.

It has so much fun in that park, I’m sure my sister won’t regret after she come back from there.

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