Monday, October 08, 2007

Buzy & lazy

Thought can escape from update my blog but someone write e-mail to me and show how she support me let me feel so guilty that didn’t update my blog so often (joking).

Actually I feel lazy to update my blog, really wanted to write but when sit in front of the computer I had blank and dunno what to type. So I go play with the scrapbook and find some nice freebie to download.

Last weekend, I had made 2 bracelets for my little gals. I follow the book that I borrow it from my collage. It was a simple pattern and very easy to make. I like the colour and will try some other pattern when I’m free.

This is some of the scrap that i had done.


mom2ashley said...

oh dear..I think I may have forgotten how to make those bracelets already!

jazzmint said...

wah they love to pan leng leng now huh hehe...

MY Life Zone said...

bracelets very nice leh... sure yr gals like it...

btw, u getting expert in your scrapbook ah.. all very nice.. mm.. i like most the last one..

1+2mom said...

You can make 1 for ashley to wear :)

yalor, they love to wear nice at home too.

my life zone,
i just follow the book to make this.
nolar, just play around with it.

Jacss said...

finally u r back....."mou lan lan ahh"/dun lazy anymore !!!

such lovely bracelets....these r d girly stuffs that i can only envy, sob sob sob !!!

and i so jeles with yr scrapbook wor....still not able to do it as yet !!! so nice esp the one twins with dady!!

ilovepearly said...

Thats so sweet.
They look nice as well...

1+2mom said...

dun worry, if got chance i go teach you.

welcome to my blog :)
Thank you.

mama bok said...

Nice bracelet..! you are very talented.. i'll have to say.. :)