Saturday, September 22, 2007

Book Scraping

These 2 days play with the scrapbook, already make some. Post it up let you all see, which one you like the most?

I like the 1st one it make my son look so cute with the little diaper on his head. And another 1 is the last one, that pic look like my daughters so close to each other. I make them hug to each other and let me take photo, dunno why but i like them very close to each other. Sometime i ask them to each other too..hehe.


jazzmint said...

i like the 1st LO :)

Jacss said...

ooh...the girls are sweet & lovely!
and yr boy one was also fun & interesting!

ahh, i must try one day also !!!

PapaJoneh said...

I want this I want this... I have seen everywhere and yet I have no idea where to get one.. poor papa.

I love all of them. You post I gerenti watch one :D

yenlin said...

was that a diaper on Carter's head? @@

1+2mom said...

jazzmint, too, he is so cute.


you cannot get it at other place cause i make it myself..keke..

yes! Like that you also can see, izzit good idea and cute?

荦怡 said...

i like the 1st and the last one.
how u do this? wan to make for my little one too.

Anggie's journel said...

i like the last one woth ur lil twin ... ")

1+2mom said...

i'm using photoshop to make, it so complicated i dunno how to explain.

anggie's journel,
hehe..i ask them to kiss and hug each other then i take photo.

chanelwong said...

very nice...I haven't got chance to explore using scrapping...

yeloh-powah said...

Cute pics of your kids. Wish I had the time to do stuff like that too. Thanks for sharing.

MY Life Zone said...

funny, try to put comment just now, but cannot get thru, tried 2nd time now..

I love the last 2, i had tried to get soem times with this, but always no time :(

1+2mom said...

haha..take time, when you know it you will fall in love with it :)

welcome to my blog :)
yea, it need planty of time to do it. Thankz.

my life zone,
Human always no time..haha..find one day take some time to do it.

yeoumai said...

hei, you are so free to do all these things oh? Really admire you.BTW, how to do eh, very lazy & no time to explore.