Friday, August 03, 2007

Warehouse Sales

Yesterday went to ‘Mydin’ at Subang Jaya (behind Giant) with 1 of my colleague (we scare go on weekend). Actually the day before yesterday she went there with my principle, they told us it had very cheap sale for toddle cloth. The price from RM 1.90 to 5.90 per piece only. Some more it quite a good material, of cause not the branded lar. So that colleague want to go back there buy another cloth for herself because that day they ‘dig’ the cloth till short of time to buy other things.

Below is some of my girls’ cloth, I didn’t buy any for my son because he said he dunwan. If I buy for him, he still wont wear accept the one he said want to buy. It need to dig and flip to find the nice cloth, so it really take time to get it.

Price from left to right : 1.90/pc and 5.90/pc
Center : 1.90/pc
from left to right : 3.90/pc and also 3.90/pc


荦怡 said...

wow so cheap har!
RM1.90??? tht mean only a few cents in SGD LOL???

1+2mom said...

yalor, thats why the next day i rush to there scared weekend so many people cannot get the nice one.

Grace said...

wow, super cheap le, if I go sure spent more than u.

Sasha said...

ooi i bought also! hahahhahaah

Annie Q said...

Wow! So cheap! I didnt know there is a warehouse sale there too. I only know there is pureen warehouse sale on the weekend.

1+2mom said...

hehe..i'm so stingy buy abit.

wah!You also went there ar, so sheap hor.

annie q,
icic..i dunno got pureen warehouse sale..hehe.

Mama BoK said...

Very cheap..! and here i thought i got the best bargain.. at 1.98 a piece for chloe.. but still about 6RM .. if you convert it.

1+2mom said...

mama bok,
yea it's very cheap, so i cant wait for the next day to buy it..haha.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Walau eh, so cheap. Really worth it. Next time email me in case I am in KL. heh heh

1+2mom said...