Friday, August 03, 2007

Tomorrow 'Twins Festival'

Yea! Tomorrow is the Twins Festival day will meet Yenlin, Maria and Jacss in person and also their family too. I’m so excited to attend tomorrow faction. Today went to register but all the form was taken so tomorrow will need to go there early to register on the spot. I meet another twin’s boy (about 20 years old) went to register too but 3 of us cannot get it some more ask us to go here and there to get the form.

At first, I had reached A & W to ask for the form but they told me to get it form their office at dunno what hotel name nearby. When I went up there, the lady told me their form was finished, ask me go to Amcorp Mall to take. At that time I meet the twins. They said follow me from the A & W till there. So we went to Amcrop Mall reception to ask for the form.

After that, I drove my car and get the parking they told me they are not sponsor so they dun have any form there so I should register it on the spot the next day. I thought dun waste the parking ticket so I go to Popular to see some book. Meanwhile I was reading the book, the twins came to me. They are very nice , they saw me in the book shop and came in told me that we just need to register on the spot tomorrow morning about 8am. I dunno they purposely come and find me or really pass by to find something and saw me, because I saw their friend was waiting them in the car at outside.

I saw it also having a concert there, and some competition about the twins. See you guys tomorrow.

p/s : still dunno annie q will go or not, hope can meet her and her twins too.

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