Friday, August 17, 2007

Roll Out !!!

Are your child a transformers fans?? Here is a great online game for your child to play. (This is not a sponsor post).

Last few days, I accompany my son watch his favorite channel – Cartoon Network. I saw this advertisement about their website have so many great games, I decided to surf that website but forgot about it until just now.

I tried search it at yahoo about the cartoon network and found the website. They have more than 170 games to play, and all are from the cartoon network character. I saw the ‘optimus prime’ pic at below of the banner, I tried to click. Actually the whole game my son who tried it first, it quite simple and fun. It suitable for the kids that very familiar with the arrow key, if not it’s very hard to play.


papajoneh said...

HI there 1+2mom?
I came from anggie's blog and i noticed u got twins too. How lucky you are to have boy and girls now. I am still looking for the girl experience. Now I have 3 boys, i know its going to be tough. Anyway, thank GOD for them nevertheless :)

B4 i forgot, thanks for the link for this game. My son is crazy for any pc game. Cya around :)

1+2mom said...

welcome to my blog :)
yea, thank god that he gave me a pair of twins gal if not i really big head to handle 3 boys..hehe. If finance is no problem, is ok to try another luck to get a gal :)

no problem, i alway surf the net to get some game for my kids :)

Jacss said...

i agree wif nice to have boy n envy!! but can't demand too much...thank god still for 2 lovely boys !!

u know what sylvia, when i was reading this, my boys are actually playing pc games in d room....
also introduced by u d last time, remember bobthebuilder & thomas&friends....guess these must be too boring for yr boy now!!

i may introduce d game u found this time esp. d transformer...... yes they r 2 lil fans too!!

1+2mom said...

hehe..i'm so lucky only :)

yea..they like it?? My son dunwan to play the old game but he still like the sesame street game. son got company jor..haha. Next time we meet i ask my son bring some of his collection to attract your boys to make friend with him ar.

papajoneh said...

Wahhhh... now the twins mommies chatting... no harm i drop by here for a while :)
Just to inform, both of u in my twins parents link on the sidebar.

If im around KL or wherever u 2 are, my wife would love to bring My Josh to see your sons... probably mine the youngest here :D

Jacss said...

no problem ppj, it's only right that we show-off/share our skills in handling twins with yr wife ma......:P

1+2mom said...

yea no problem, like what jacss said we like to meet you and your family if you come to KL. Actually i meet all the twins mommies online, none of my friends having twins so all of them are from net. So lucky to have you all to share the tips and chat with you all.