Saturday, August 04, 2007

Updated : Twins Festival 2007

Today is twin’s festival day, so this morning we went out at about 8.30. On the way, yenlin & jacss sms me said they also on the way to Amcorp Mall.

We went to register when we reached there. We get 2 goodies bag, 2 umbrellas and 2 set of breakfasts after we had registered. While I register, Jacss saw me and call me. We said meet after registration, we chat a while because Jacss hubby’s friend also brought along a pair of twins so they will stay with them.

While we waiting the opening ceremony, I also saw Yenlin had came. Her twins wear a very cute costume, 1 wear spinderman and another wear superman. Nearly forgot their big jie jie also wear a spiderman costume, mummy and daddy wear 'wonder women' and 'superman sign' that printed on the t-shirt.

About 9 am plus, the opening ceremony was start but that time it just about 150 puls pair of twins it not enough to break the Malaysia book of record. After the procession, at about 9.30 am the amount of twins attend this festival was broke and the record is more than 200 pair of twins were attend.

At first Maria didn’t make it, because Isa had abit of fever. After the opening ceremory, Maria SMS me said she on the way here..haha..she also dunwan to miss out this opportunity to meet so many twins here.

We hang around there till about 12pm plus after the cuties twins contest. I thought the result was out at 4pm (as told by the DJ) so we went to eat and back home to let the girl take a nap and go back again. But I called Yenlin (she still stay there till around 2pm) she told me that at 1.30pm they had collected the prize so I no need go back again at 4pm. Me and Maria saw her and her twins was interview by a reporter, dunno what media is that hope to see her in the newspaper.

This festival quit intresting, somemore those drink and food are free (from sponsor only, but the stall at there no free of charge). I saw the most twins that sit beside us are 4 twins. They had 3 boys and 1 girl. They just about 7 months old (malay family) and they just take care by only 1 babysitter. Wow, cant imagine how she can look after 4 of them in the same time.

Below is some of the photo we took in the festival.


Jacss said...

wow...u so efficient leh, so fast can see many beautiful photos!!

salute u.......some more intend to go back at 4:30 ahh!!

me, after checked out everything, already cabut around 11am.

btw, it was good & nice meeting u finally.......i'm sure there'll be more to come......!!

1+2mom said...

nope, i went back at 12.30pm didnt stay there till 4.30 lar.

Nice to meet you too, hope to meet you again and can have more chat.

Anggie's journel said...

wah... it's must be very fun and excited to see so many twins ?? and u r good lei to dress up ur girls so nice with the cute hair !!

michelle said...

Looks like a great day. If I am in KL, I prolly will join in the fun, love seeing twins, triplets...:P

jazzmint said...

wah looks very fun leh

Grace said...

wah, really fun can see many twins there.

Annie Q said...

wow wow wow..looks like lots of fun! I didnt go lei, i can't handle both with me alone.*sob sob* I miss the fun!

yenlin said...

it was FUN!!

1+2mom said...

anggie's journel,
nolar, just casual wear and the hair just tight extra 2 'tail'.

i think your place also got this type of occasion, right? baby twins 'mat salleh' more cute ler.

jazzmint & grace,
next year join together and see those cute twins.

annie q,
dun worry i think next year still got than that time you dun miss it, we meet there.

yea it is so much fun, and your family is a super active family. I saw your family so enjoy on this function.

shoppingmum said...

Wah~! Make me wanna have twins too. :)

Mama BoK said...

Wow..!! so many twins..!! would be cool to let chloe see all the twins..!! and maria's twins.. i haven't seen them for so long..!

1+2mom said...

haha..just can see better dun have.Once you have it you will suffer.

mama bok,
oooo..maria didnt write the english blog you still can see her twins on her chinese blog.

mama bok said...

I donch read chinese leh..! how ..???

1+2mom said...

mama bok,
just see photo or use translater to guess what it mean.