Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back dated post : My dad birthday

Last Sunday was my father 60 years old birthday (in Chinese calendar at that day), we celebrated at King Crab restaurant at Kelana Jaya. It also was my father in law birthday (in Chinese calender was the next day). I and my sis bought a cake for my father and the other way my sis in law bought the cake for his father.

Actually both our father was the same birthday (11th August), usually we celebrate together. But this year because of my father 60 years old big day so he wants to celebrate his own birthday. I’m so surprise my sis in law also bought a cake to celebrate his father birthday in the same day which I dunno. For me I’m dun have any problem but dunno how my father feel, I dun dare to ask him.

At here I wish him :

Happy 60th Birthday !!!!

My father cute birthday cake..hehe. All the kids want that 'sau sing kong'.

from right : my youngest sis with her son and daughter, (center) my father with Carol, my 2nd sis with Carrie and (behind) me and my son (i'm the elders daughter in the family).

My father cut his cake, you can see my sis son so excited.

My father in law with my father. (behind the green shirt is my mother in law)


Sasha said...

wuah king crab! if i know i go say hi and eat lo..hahaha

Jasonmumbles said...

I want the jelly cake!

MY Life Zone said...

where u bought the jelly cake?? so so nice.. i wan 2!!

1+2mom said...

if you really see us you also wont forget to give ang pau..haha.

next time you come to KL, i buy you a small little cake ar.

my life zone,
i bought it at Q-Jelly that Jacss told me.You can go to thier website below have a look :


Anggie's journel said...

the jelly cake is beautiful la ...
2 birthday in 1 .... should be fun !!

Jacss said...

hapy belated bday uncle!!
yr youngest sis look like u but not d 2nd sis!! all daughters family ahh, kamching with me lar, except i got 5!!

who said dd no good ehh??

1+2mom said...

anggie's journel,
haha..that's always was :)

yea..sometime i saw back our old photo i also make mistake she is me..haha.

who said ???who said??kekeke..did i said??

Mama BoK said...

I love the the cake..!!

1+2mom said...

mama bok,
izzit so cute..haha.