Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Art and craft

Yesterday was the first day of school holiday, so I decided to let them do some art & craft instate of let them play online game whole day.

I let them do this art & craft that get the idea from mumsgather. I told them let’s play magic art & craft, they are so excited. I gave them a pic of paper for everyone, and let them used crayon to draw a pic on it. Later I help them pain water colour on it.

The best part they like to most is the magic show start. I used a white crayon draw something on it and ask them see anything? They said no then I said start mommy magic show!!! I pain the water colour on it, abit by abit. Once they see something when I pain on the crayon, they were so happy. Later I teach my son the trick, you can see at below. He shows me his plain paper and faster ask me to teach him pain the paper.

Yesterday 1+2dad went to outstation and he will be back on Wednedsay, we all miss him so much. Although he call me and we chat online (he went to internet café), but we all miss each other. My son also chat with him online (I type and read to him), until 1+2dad cannot stand to miss his son voice he call and chat with him..haha..(it was almost 11.30pm at nite ler).


jazzmint said...

wah nice craft.

haha...wah really miss daddy so much huh..hope he's coming back soon

papajoneh said...

Great trick..hmmm thanks..i might use this on my elder son.. Hehe.

Hmm.. i think i can understand the "missing you" part. Especially with the son connection thing. My son always said to me, "Papa work?" Thats the only reason he accept if i am afar from him.

lucky your hubby gone for 2-3 days only.. my family even missing me for 2 weeks... crazy job. CAn't wait to be full time Papa at home :D

yenlin said...

i wan to do the magic thing with my little one too... intresting huh? i m sure they will admire me more.... he he he

1+2mom said...

thankz..daddy is back liao!!!

same as my son, we always told him his daddy going far away to work not coming back at nite to sleep.

yea..yea..go try it, i'm sure they want more..haha.

Jacss said...

great idea u've shared, i will try.........thanks!!

love blogging more......hehehe!!

1+2mom said...

no problem, we all share our idea. I learn so much on blogging, and love blogging so much :)