Thursday, August 23, 2007

My family look-alike meter

This fun look alike meter i waiting for quite long ago, finally it came out. You guys should go get a try :) Actually it mostly depend what photo you upload to scan..haha.

The result izzit correct?? For me, the result is what I expect..hehe.What you think??


papajoneh said...

alamak... i like this tool. I probably try this to my son Josh. Definitely look more to my wife side.

Thanks for this :D

Mama BoK said...

Heheh!! cool..!!

Annie Q said... look like dad, one look like mum, and one look like both!;)

Jacss said...

interesting, i'll try mine & blog!

ehh, yr twin girls ahh, how come d system detected they are different?? i thot can bluff d machine....look same ma, no???

actually, i see yr twins dun look like both of u wor, how??? hehehe

1+2mom said...


mama bok,
yea, i like it.

annie q,
yalor, thought al look like me but it come out this result.

for us they not look alike ler, actually depend on the photo you upload. Some maybe mother side more if use other photo it maybe to father side more.

CutiePrincessMummy said...

this is fun, must try this for my princesses! :-)

1+2mom said...

go!go!go!I also want to see the result.