Wednesday, August 01, 2007

China Doll 小龙女

Do you think if government let the china girl come here be maid will be fine? For my opinion I dun think so because I really scare 1 day my hubby will run away with this ‘china doll’.

You know lar some of the man really cannot ‘tahan’ (stand) those girl with soft and listen type girl close to them, they sure will fall in love with them. Some more those girls from China and they have no problem to communicate us. I saw an article about some of the women family broken because of this kind of girl stay into their house. Their husband were a very nice man, they can change to an evil man just because of this girl stay into their house be a maid.

I’m so pity those women, but my hubby said it sure the women problem till husband will go find other girl. I said dun just point finger to the women when the things happened, sometime the man should be responsibility.

Those ‘china doll’ talk so soft and they need money sure will listen what the man want lar. Nowaday most of our Malaysian women are working, sometime very hard to be a soft soft type girl to pamper husband everyday, right? Somemore most of the china doll are so pretty, skin so fair, very good in pamper people and they can do anything that man ask them to do but I think some of us will not like most of the women will ask hubby help to do house work, etc.

I’m very sure to tell my hubby that I wont want China maid to help us, I’m not they type of pamper girl so I scare those ‘china doll’ will seduce him. After married about 8 years, I know some time man need wife to pamper and concerned them. I notice 1+2dad like that kind of girl to whine him like that day I saw my girls call him with very soft voice “daddy!daddy!”, 1+2dad very happy and melt his hard into it. So I start to learn from my girls, take sometime when just both of us I call him like know what he said? He asks me why today you so ‘hao’, I said cannot ar? He said no ar, and like it wor. I said I want to learn from your daughter that I saw you very happy when your daughters call you like that. You will always said “so sweet” when your girls call you “daddy!daddy!” like that.

Luckily I got 2 daughter can control my know if daughter call daddy why he so late home, daddy sure will answer and come back very fast. If the other way round, wife whose call husband I’m sure the wife will get scolding that are she checking him, right? So who said got daughter no good, it also a type of weapon for a women to control husband..kekeke.


mumsgather said...

Yah. Next time can ask the girls to call 1+2 dad to come home when he working late. You no need to call. Hahaha.

Anggie's journel said...

hahaha..... true la as what u say about the china doll..

btw, r u staying in kajang ????

1+2mom said...

hehe..hope i wont need to use this 'weapon' :)

anggie's journel,
nope, i'm not stay at kajang. I stay at petaling jaya. Why? You saw me b4 at kajang or someone look like me?

Anggie's journel said...

hehehe... ya, i saw some girl like ur dangther la !!! but i saw 1 girl... i been waiting for the second (twin) while waiting my fren... but .... hahaha i guess tersilap org la ...

Jacss said...

haha...what a funny post here!!
i agree with d china doll part too & will not tolerate their presence at home.

so sweet to have princess hoh???

btw, u will be at d twins festival rite? we'll meet there & exchange some photos, k??

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Wahh...sure daddy can not escape from the '3' ladies' palms, kakaka!

BTW, i oso strongly disagreed to bring in China maid, like bringing a bomb at home! Who wants? :P

yenlin said...

before allowing them to become 'legal-maid' already so many 'problem'... can't imagine what's to be happened then.

Annie Q said...

ya ya..i also stronly disagree to bring in those "little dragon girl" to our country as maid. I read from the news, go-ve-man said they will bring in those are 40 years old and above so ask us not to worry so much! hahahaha..u think is a joke of the year ar. Bring in 40 years old "little dragon girl" still can work meh? So old already. I really dont understand our smart Go-va-man!

Tracy said...

I for one will NEVER employ these 'little dragon girls'! Employing them means inviting trouble into the house and I'm very sure we'll only have 'nightmares'.

Sylvia, daughters marked as 'sit pun foh' (non-profit things) are things of the past lar. Not to say I've 2 daughters, I do love girls more cos I find dat girls are more affectionate and easier to control, don't u think so?

wtpgRR said...

Wow if this happen in our place.. i'll share ur concern too ;p

kekeke.. you good huh? can imitate ur girls, talk gently to ur hubby? Now I never can do that already... I find it so disgusting... haha!

1+2mom said...

anggie's journel,
no wonder you keep on asking me whether i stay at kajang..haha.

meet you there! dun worry, sure will take alot of photo to post up to our blog.

cutieprincessmummy, also got 3 ladie what??
yea, who wants that bom?? They didnt have 1 at home still dunno what will happen.

yalor, i also scared those china doll at pub will 'kacau' my hubby because he do business very hard to avoid those entertaitment.

annie q,
haha..we also dunwan 40 years old Indo maid to help us, dun said is come from china lar.

yea, if got any things to eat they sure will think of you first not like my son. If you dun ask from him, he dun bother you. I also like girl more than boy, luckily my son born first. So i have to pay full attention to him, if not i dun think will love him more than my daughter if he born last..haha..this mummy choose love :P

1+2mom said...

what to do, husband like it. Some time man also need some pamper so he will always think of you..kekeke.

MY Life Zone said...

I also strongly disagree with the chinese doll leh.. no way.. definately not in my hse ... give me more works in stead of helping me, got to 24 hrs monitoring on her and my hubby...
True ... dotta good in 'checking' the daddy...haha.. sure daddy cannot escape from : 'charlie angle' ..hahah

1+2mom said...

my lift zone,
yalor, why want to suffer yourself better dun take it.
so i like daughter so much, wash their brain to stick with thier daddy more..haha.