Sunday, August 26, 2007

First time in kitchen

Last Thursday I brought my son to The Curve Marche for the kids Bread Baking Workshop. This was his first time doing bread. I saw this event on Yenlin blog, so I decided to let my son try. Some more it quite near to our house and 1+ 2dad already back from outstation.

I had register my son on Tuesday, that nite my sis came and fetch us to The Curve. This workshop just let 25 persons to participant in a session. I scare when 1+2dad back on Wednesday it will be full.

On that day was raining, we leave our house at 12.50pm and reached there about 1.00pm. We having our lunch at Kenny Roger but wait quite some time and I just had 15min to eat. I send my son to the workshop first mean time 1+2dad continue his meal with my gals.

I reached workshop at about 1.55pm and saw Yenlin and her kids already there. It had quite a number of kids’ participant. They had 2 chefs to teach them do the bread. They had taught them to make 4 types of bread :

- Cheese + sugar bread
- Sausage bread
- Onion bread
- 'Free Style'

Actually most of the bread I help him roll, he dunno the technique to roll the dough to a long roll. It quite tough for him to roll to the shape the chef wants. That shape of Onion bread quite hard for me to roll to the shape too.

Mean while my son was doing his bread, 1+2dad ‘murder’ the film and I busy helping my son so my gals they play by themselves. They crawl on the long bench and running around the workshop like their own home.

Ok, ‘long word short say’ let’s the photo tell you some story.

Roll! Roll! Roll!It's so fun!! I want to come again.

Put on the table cannot roll it long?? Nvm i teach you roll like this.

This is my free style, you know what it this?? Actually we want to do ginger bread man but dunno why mummy make like a star??

This is what i had done on that day. Why not 4?hehe..another one still in oven havent come out yet.

While we waiting for the last bread, they gave me a certificate.

Nothing to do when waiting the last bread, come let us do the funny face together.


yenlin said...

to Carter, Good Job!

Jacss said...

looks so fun wor !!!
next round i wana join also !!!
so go home continue to practise then u have a little baker at home!

MY Life Zone said...

very interesting ah.... yr son looks very enjoy the baking job as well.. maybe next time can be yr good helper leh..

jazzmint said...

wow so syiok huh..i'm sure they had great fun

Anggie's journel said...

heh.. this is really nice and fun activity for kids.
Wow... got certificate somemore, look at ur boy, he look really happy !!

chanelwong said...

Well Done Carter. Looks interesting this bread making session..

papajoneh said...

Alamak so syioklah.. I wish i can bring my boys to some kind activity like this. So hard especially i'm working on weekends.
Your children really having fun. So nice to see that :)

CutiePrincessMummy said...

wah,got certificate sumore, now he is certified as 'Qualified Bread Si Fu' lor... kekeke!

1+2mom said...

your gal more clever, i saw most of it she make herself.

next holiday if got i call your ar.

my life zone,
hope he really can help not help to 'messy' the things..haha.

yea, the kids like it so much.

anggie's journel,
can let him know some other things that he didnt try b4.

welcome to my blog :)
Kids like the most, the baking part the chef will do they just do the rolling part.

This activity is on weekday so most of the parents cant bring thier kids go.

wahaha..he ar, ask him do again i dun think he can..haha.

huisia said...

that's a good activity for kids!

Sasha said...

its good to expose them eso to cooking class like this....they learn to be patient, measure and weight...Good job Boy and Mummy for sending him also ;)

laundryamah said...

wow! sounds like FUN! been there so many times oso didn't know they had this! must bring the kids there one fine day...

1+2mom said...

yea, this activity can let the kids play in the kitchen without mommy scold..haha.

but..but..they didnt do measure and weight wor, they just do the bread shape and other thing all done by the chef.

i think they have it every school holiday, you can take note that. If got i leave massage on your blog ar.

wHOisBaBy said...

the bread looks so yummy. good job carter!!!

1+2mom said...

haha..most of the things is done by me, he just roll the dough.