Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pressure Washer

Our home has 3 cars; if everyday we drive all the car to car wash it cost about RM 15 per car. If one week it cost us about RM 315, if continue to 1 year you can imagine just car wash how much we need to spend.

My husband decided to get a pressure washer so that we can do it ourselves and save cost. So he ask me to surf from the net, I get into this web site found they have electric pressure washers without the maintenance of a gas motor. It save us a lot of space that we just headache don’t know where to put the compressor if we buy the old type pressure washer.

You just need to change the oil and buy gas for the lawnmower some more if you get their electric pressure washer; they provide a year of maintenance free of charge. It is so useful if you keep 1 pressure washer at home. You can clean your gate and clean your car porch with the pressure washer too, some of the dirt can get out easily just a press of the button.

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