Thursday, August 23, 2007

Funny face

Last week my sis came to my house and she took my camera and saw some photo in it. After I came out from bath she shows me some of my son photos.

I’m so surprise it wasn’t took by neither me nor 1+ 2dad and saw my son so many funny faces. At that moment I realize it took by himself, because at behind I still saw some of other photo that wasn’t took by us. Izzit so cute??


荦怡 said...


papajoneh said...

wahhhh so cute... i mean so so.. creative kekekeke

Mama BoK said...

Hhahahah!! chloe is like dat too..!! she always say.. "picture me.. !! "

Anggie's journel said...

hahahaha... funny and cute ... took himself somemore .. kekeke

Jacss said...

naughty naughty boy ahh!!!

some are good shots indeed!

happen to my boys also!!

1+2mom said...


haha..ask your son do the same and you take photo.

mama bok,
i think most of the kids like to do funny face and take the photo to look what they had done.

anggie's journel,
i also surprise when i saw it at the camera, he took himslef..haha.

are your boy took himself or took for each other??

jazzmint said... funny..he's vy good in acting funny faces

1+2mom said...

seen he baby, he has so many action.