Tuesday, May 03, 2005

First time be a mother (Part II)

Yesterday was my son 3 years old birthday. Just clip an eyes the time past so fast and I oledi be a mother for 3 years liao.

Continue the story from Part I , when I reach the hospital my hubby drop by me at lobby so I can wait him to park his car (car park quite far). The girl sit in frond of the information counter saw me sit on sofa so she comes to me,

girl : are you ok?
1+2mom : yea.. need to go labor wad cause I think the baby wanna come out today *smile*

girl :I bring you go labor wad.
1+2mom : where izzit ar? I’m waiting for my hubby.

girl : I scare the baby will come out any minute, I bring you to labor wad first then I will let your hubby know.
1+2mom : errrrr.. ok lar! *standing up wanted to follow the girl*

girl : arrr.. I go ask the roller chair first.
1+2mom : no need, I can walk.

girl : no! no! no! I scare you when contraction you will fell off, just wait a minute.
1+2mom : errrr. Ok! Ok! *sit back the sofa and wait*

The roller chair is coming and I been push to the labor wad. Later I saw my hubby coming and he go register and pay the deposit, and I waiting him at the delivery wad.

At wad, I change the hospital provided cloth and lay on the bed wait. That time the contraction quite often and very pain till my back site also pain. My hubby back and I told him,

1+2mom : when the time I deliver baby, you dun go ar! I very scare ler, now very pain.
1+2dad : you said dun want me to accompany you.

1+2mom : aiya.. the ppl said after husband saw wife delivery then next time dun dare to touch his wife mar, now I dun care lor..arrrrr ! omg very pain.
1+2dad : ok! Ok! I will accompany you. Are you ok?

1+2mom : you saw me ok or not? Very pain lar, I dun want have baby anymore. This is the last one.arrrrr..
1+2dad : *smilling*

Suddenly I heard the next door lady scream so loud and then heard the baby cry so loud too, the nurse came and check me I ask her

1+2mom : you know what sex is that baby?
Nurse : dunno?

1+2mom : izzit is her first baby?
Nurse : nope.This is her second baby.

1+2mom : wah! Second baby also scream so loud ar? Charm lor my one is the first one sure louder then her lor.
Nurse : hehe.. doctor recommends you take epidural? It good to take epidural so you can rest more and not pain at all.

1+2mom : then I want to take lor.
Nurse : sure.

Then the nurse on and off check my how many centimeters open, this check also killing me very pain. Every time the nurse checks me I must pull my body up, she said like this cant check ler. Aiya.. what to do very pain mar!

At about 12.30pm, doctor put the epidural so I can really rest, it dun has felling about the contraction and my hubby went back to his office to do some job. His ask me when start, call him wor. What to do, he got important thing to do if I said the baby won wait you ar so you cannot go ar. But luckily the baby not come out so early, my hubby back and doctor is here but baby not ready come out yet. Doctor told me if I were you I will go to sleep lor. Wow! Me and hubby got permition to sleep, so both of us start sleeping (me at bed hubby at chair).

At about 7 pm, doctor came in and said can start delivery liao. So 2 nurses came in and prepare all the stuff and start about 7.10 pm.

The nurse A call me to breath in and start to push when she know the contraction come.

1st time fail cause I breath out all the air when I start push, the nurse B said you must keep the breath and push like going poo.

2nd time fail also and wait again till 3rd time I can push out the baby head but I push too hard till I pengsan in few second but suddenly I heard nurse call me push again the head came out liao so the sound give me awake so I breath in and keep the breath and finally push the baby out.

After baby come out I close my eye and have a rest but suddenly I feel something hot on top of my body so I open my eye and saw a little red baby on it with one eye open look at me, by the time I very happy to see him so health.

The doctor continue doing his job and the nurse bring the baby go out and about few minute 1+2dad carry the baby come in and he told me that the nurse teach he how to hold the baby. He brings the baby to me and saw his little hand moving here and there. He starts crying maybe looking for mommy nen nen?? 1+2dad carry him away and nurse said want to bring him go bath. She will bring the baby to wad when I in wad later on.

My family and 1+2dad family all come to see this tiny little guy after me when to the wad. He looks so smart, his eye rolling around to see us.

About 11 something they all gone home and about 12.15 am I start my breastfeeding journey till his 6 month old.


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