Saturday, May 14, 2005

Daily routine without maid

Our home without maid oledi 1 month liao, it quite busy and tired but feel happy cause the kids get more attention by 1+2dad and family. Below is my daily routine from Monday till Friday.

07.15 am : weak up brush teeth and wash face
07.25 am : wash dish, cup, boil water, sweep and mop the floor
08.00 am : weak toddler up to school
08.15 am : bring toddler to school by walking (cause nearby and toddler cycling)
08.30 am : hang the laundry and wash the balance laundry (cause last nite wash the other half)
09.00 am : twins weak up give them drink milk
09.30 am : have a shower with the twins
10.00 am : play with the twins while watch TV
11.30 am : bring the toddler home
12.00 pm : feed them lunch then I have my lunch while looking 3 of them playing or watching TV
01.00 pm : bring the twins for nap while the toddler watching his favorite VCD
01.15 pm : have a shower with the toddler
01.30 pm : play with toddler
02.00 pm : bring the toddler nap together
05.00 pm : all weak up and I fold the laundry, 3 of them have their milk after that they play together
06.30 pm : have a shower with 3 of them
07.00 pm : feed them and later I have my dinner with 1+2dad while MIL looks after 3 of them
08.00 pm : 3 of them play with 1+2dad while I go shower then take turn with 1+2dad
09.00 pm : toddler watch his favorite VCD while I look after the girls and watch my favorite TV show too
10.00 pm : bring the girls go sleep and give them milk
10.30 pm : toddler comes in to sleep and have his milk
11.00 pm : wash the laundry, dish clean up the dinning table
12.00 am : start using computer

Sometime my MIL will help me to look after the twins if they weak up b4 I send toddler to school, also when I bring toddler back from school. If toddler makes noise want me to feed him first then MIL will help me feed the girls or him (when lunch).

Very busy everyday till I dun have my own time to chat with friend in phone and online, but saw them happy and have a wonderful childhood it let me feel no regret to be Stay At Home Mum.


Msau said...

wah..look really no more time for self ahh..but lucky u got MIL to help abit lah..if not ahh..bath oso kenot take liao..haha

mumsgather said...

wow. 1+2mom, you are one very hardworking mummy loh.

1+2mom said...

msau, yalor but sometime i bring all of them see me take bath ler..hehehe..

MG, i'm not hardworking but have to do all the house chore ler if not who will do it wor and b4 that i got maid i sleep until 9 or 10am ler..very lazy..:P