Thursday, May 26, 2005

Where they cute ???

This is few photos I took that day they play outside the front door. Carrie knows how to wear the slipper but we not yet buy any slipper for her cause very hard to find the size to fit her foot, so she wear our adult or her kor kor slipper.

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Carrie tries to fix into her kor kor slipper.

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Carrie looks so happy when she done her job.

While they play at front door, I go and clean the floor. Carol saw me sweep the floor she also go take another bloom to help me. funny she takes a big bloom with one hand and the other hand with a piece of paper.

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Carol : Why mommy can sweep the floor very easy and I cant wan better use hand to pick up..hehe..I’m so cleaver.

This other few photos I took when back from shopping cause they look so pretty when wearing the skirt. I seldom give them wear skirt cause very mah fan and scare they get cold, sometime air-cont in shopping centre very cold.

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We so cute ler !!!

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Carrie with her sweet sweet smile.

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Carrie : You see!!! I can close 1 eye !!!

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This is another same sleeping pose, they like mirror hor.


Msau said...

can i carrie more active then carol ahh? hehe..
coz carol look like very de si men girl ler..But carrie look like sunny girl lor..correct ah?

1+2mom said...

msau, you are right. Can look very difference hor, dunno why ppl said they very alike.

Allyfeel said...

Hey They are so adorable and cute. Wah, you very "keng Chao" hor, can take care of 3 kids. My neighbour have triplets also... I see them sometimes, kepala pusing also.

Mummy to QiQi said...

this miracle is so beautiful!!