Friday, May 06, 2005

Toddler Birthday Party at school

This were some of the photos taken during his school birthday party, just sing a song and blow the candle. He is very happy about this party.

We bring him and the girls to National Zoo on last Sunday, they enjoy the trip but just abit hot that day.

We reach there about 10.30am and spend about 2 to 3 hours there. Carrie slap on half way we walking around the Zoo, so we just 4 of us take photo only.

B4 we when home, 1+2dad bought them a present - it were wind mail. The big one for the big kor kor and the small one are for the 2 mei mei. The wind mail we didn’t take photo yet but the big kor kor one was spoil oledi. He take out all the wing, so cant show you all his present.

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This is his birthday cake, the kitty cat was chosen by toddler.

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These are his classmate, but the other one was absent.

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This one with his class teacher.

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Toddler was cutting the cake.


Carol said...

The cake looks yummy !

1+2mom said...

My son choose it and he like it very much so do my girls :P