Tuesday, May 31, 2005

School holiday

Last Saturday start for 2 weeks school holiday so my son will be whole day at home with me and his sisters.

Today he weak up as usual at about 8 am together with his mei mei. Haiz.. make me headache cause I need to do house chore but he want me to accompany him to play block or toys with him.

Usually b4 school holiday he will gone to school at 8.15 am then when I back home I still can do some house chore like hang the laundry while the girls stand near the gate watch at me, but now my son at home I cant do other thing but just stay with him.

This morning 1+2dad weak up about 7.45 am so my son and the girls too. 1+2dad told me that my son wants him to stay with him and dun want him to go work wor.

I think he miss his daddy so much. Every Sunday my son very happy to see his daddy sleep next to him when he weak up. So as on Monday he hope his daddy also stay with him like on Sunday.

My son at home I really cant do anything so I had to send him to school. If just my girls they can play themselves I just have to make sure they play safe and no need to accompany them.

I always tell ppl it easy to take care 2 girls rather then only my son. My son very active and he wont listen what I ask him to do but my girls will. I must look after him cause if not you wont know what he will do like maybe he will climb very high or he will mess up the house. You need to keep all the things and sometime need to clean up the house too (he will pour the water on the floor and play with it).

My girls, they just stare on you see what you doing if you give them some snack they will sit or walk with the cup of snack but they wont disturb you doing things. Sometime they will help you to pick up something too..hehe. B4 I got baby, I oledi tell 1+2dad I like girls very much but I have to give birth a son first b4 got daughter, cause in my mine kor kor can protect mei mei mar.

Luckily I got son first cause oledi manja from the beginning so continue manja him lor. If I got daughter first maybe I will choose love lor..hehe..I told ppl I wont choose love but now I said I will :P

Tell you all one things. Carol very stick to 1+2dad ler cause sometime 1+2dad walk away from her when he play with her she will cry ler. Carrie did the same thing like Carol to me, so sometime I had to bring her along to watch me bath.

Yesterday we on the way home from my dad house, Carol want 1+2dad hold her hand while 1+2dad was driving ler (she sit beside 1+2dad and luckily our car is auto). I laugh at 1+2dad said she is your girl friend till cant let you go lor.

This Saturday we will bring the kids to Port Dickson for 1 day trip (as my son school holiday trip). Hope they will like the sand beach and some sun bath too.

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