Thursday, March 10, 2005

First time be a mother (Part I)

My son very cleaver he came out on the 2nd of May, cause 1st of May was Labour Day the hospital got sur-charge on the hospitalize fees and he help me save a lot.

On 1st of May morning, me, hubby and MIL on the way back from breakfast,

1+2mom : dunno when our son will come out ler? My due date is on 9th.
1+2dad : hehe..maybe will come out tomoro, whose know?

1+2mom : I still got something to buy ler, the beg not yet ready pack up.
1+2dad : tonite we go shopping lar, ok?

So, that hole evening I and hubby sit in frond of the pc play game, I tell him my stomach dunno what happen not so normal.

Nite time, we go One Utama shopping to buy the breast pad and some baby stuff.

About 2 something midnite, I feel abit not well but I still go back to sleep.

3 more hours later, I feel my stomach got a bit pain then I go toilet feels like to go poo but just pass some water but I know it not pee. Then I go back lay down on the bed, cant go back to sleep cause I feel my stomach very pain. I sit up and push my hubby weakup to let him know my stomach pain.

1+2mom : wei..weakup ! I got stomach pain. (hold the stomach)
1+2dad : are you going to deliver?
1+2mom : I dunno?

1+2dad : how doctor told you when you need to admit to hospital?
1+2mom : doctor said if the contraction more often about 5 min once then you can go hospital.

1+2dad : then now how you feel?
1+2mom : I not yet count wor. It feels like 15 min once only. Izzit need to go hospital?

1+2dad : I dunno, as you like. You count first lar. *go back sleep*
1+2mom *counting the contraction on and off*

2 hours later…

1+2dad : how is your contraction?
1+2mom : I dunno? Suddenly got then stop about half an hour then start again, dunno whether izzit?

1+2dad : then you want go hospital or not?
1+2mom : I dunno ler, you go office first then I call doctor ask whether I need to see him or not?

About 8.30am I call to clinic ask whether I need to admit to hospital or not? The nurse told me can admit to labor wad to wait delivery.

Then I quickly call my hubby back, on phone call

1+2mom : you come back now, the nurse said admit now maybe can deliver today wor.
1+2dad : aiya..why you dun call earlier, I nearly reach office liao and traffic very jam. Never mine, I come back now. You have your breakfast yet?

1+2mom : not yet, I am going to have Milo afterward. I still packing some stuff, you come back first.
1+2dad : ok, ok.

At 9.30am, hubby back and we go to hospital. I admit hospital at 10am.

On part II, going to blog about how I deliver my son. It is very exciting when the time is coming. We dunno what to do when we wanna be father mother. I dunno when to admit, cause I heard my friend said her sister got abit stomach pain then admit to hospital but the time not reach yet so the doctor kick her back, then few day later she admit again and back again. I very scare it is not the time yet, so I ‘san xin liang yi’ 三心两意 (think twice) dunno whether wanna admit or not? Hehe.. really very funny when wanna be a first time mum.

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