Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Let me show you

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CARRIE : Wah!!So shoik to sit like this..hehehe.

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CARRIE : I come down let you try lar.

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CAROL : you sit inside ar?? Why i cant wan??

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CARRIE : You go a side lar.. let me show you.

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CARRIE : You up like this then like this...bla bla bla.
CAROL : Dunno what are you talking about?? I try myself.

Additional :

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They always have the same sleeping style :P


Msau said...

OMG..ur twins sleeping pose very cute lah...haha...

and they climb like tat oso can time must be great mountain climber liao...

mumsgather said...

Haha so cute when sleeping. They must be tired from all the climbing.

Sebastian's mommy said...

wow! ur 2 gals so cute!

Lazy Bone said...

So adorable! Do they always mirror each other? I showed to my mom and she LOL! :)

1+2mom said...

msau, they like to follow kor kor ro climb here and there. They make me headache.

MG, yea..kor kor very active so do the girls.

sebastian's mom, thankz.Your son also very cute :)

lazy bone, they always mirror each other. Sometime you saw it you will laught it out :) I like to see them sleeping cause they always have the same style when they sleep :P Maybe they are identical so they got six sence on each other??

5xmom said...

Hahaha, susah la you. They are going to climb on everything and I mean, everything soon. You are going to find them on the dining table, modelling.

Their sleeping pose sooooo cute.

venus said...

ohmyGoshh...i love the sleeping pose :)

1+2mom said...

5xmom, yalor very the headache. They know to climb up to my computer table lor and know how to push the chair out to climb up. They like to follow their kor kor climb here and there.

venus, they got lot of funny sleeping pose. Next time post it up.

Papi said...

I was laughing when I saw the pictures....

1+2mom said...

papi, very cute ler :P fast fast go get another one so you got 2 to play lor.