Thursday, April 28, 2005

Toddler Birthday

Next Monday (2nd May) is my son 3 years old birthday, tomorrow will bring a birthday cake to celebrate with his new classmate at school.

Just now about 8.30pm we brought him to King’s bought a chocolate birthday cake with Kitty cat candy add on (this cartoon he choose himself).

This few days he very excited about his birthday, everyday ask 1+2dad go and buy the birthday cake. Just now b4 sleep he said tomorrow go school got birthday cake and blow the candle so he want sleep early.

He like to blow the candle and celebrate birthday very much, at other ppl birthday party he sure wants to blow the candle by himself once again after the birthday girl/boy had blow the candle. hehehe..very the paiseh ler.

This Sunday not yet had any idea where to bring him go, maybe go Zoo or bird park see how first. But we sure will celebrate with him once again in his actual birthday.


invisible sheen said...

happy birthday toddler! ur toddler name is KoKo? or Kor Kor?
last time i oso LoVe to blow candles! haha,i still small cousins who will snatch the chance to blow candles from my grandparents!
why huh?when we grow up,then we won't like a lot of candles,cos a lot of candles= old liao la...

btw, i can't comment at haloscan.dunno why.when i comment,it say dat my IP is in OPM blacklist. any1 know why? I don't know ler...

1+2mom said...

hi sheen, thankz alot my boy name is Carter. He is big kor kor(brother) of 2 sisters so all of them call him kor kor lor.

About haloscan i also dunno what happen with it but you still can post comment in blogspot mar.