Sunday, May 22, 2005

Toddler choose love

Yesterday afternoon after all of them weak up from nap and play in the room, suddenly my son told me this.

Toddler : “ mommy, I sayang lili (Carrie nick name) I dunwan rou rou (Carol nice name).”
1+2mom *smile* : “ dunwan rou rou then mommy give uncle lor.”

Toddler *shake his head* : “no..mommy sayang rou rou, rou rou give mommy.”
1+2mom : “you said dunwan rou rou then mommy call uncle come and
take rou rou lor.”

Toddler : “rou rou give mommy, dunwan give uncle.”
1+2mom : “ok, ok.”

Children also know how to choose love, but I think maybe got fate between two of them. I realize very early that toddler like Carrie more then Carol cause sometime he got food he will share with Carrie first then I ask him to give some to Carol if not he wont do that.

Another time, I let Carrie sit on toddler stomach play with toddler then we play it again at room b4 nap. I let Carol sit first, after play a while he ask me to put Carrie on his stomach said want to play with Carrie. Haiz… I know he like Carrie very much cause just now we play like that at down stair he didn’t ask for Carol to play. Carol very charm. Never mind I will teach kor kor to love you too. You still got mei mei, mommy and daddy sayang you mar.

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