Thursday, September 06, 2007

Go for Movie

Yesterday after my school, 1+2dad with the gals came and fetch us to eat lunch at ‘Chaw Yang’ restaurant,SS2 . After the lunch, my kids ran out to the next shop to see the toys that hang there. While they running out I saw a lady so excited when saw my children pass by her. I look at her, she is so familiar to me and in my mind I dunno where I saw her before.

I walk to her and finally I know she is 1 of the blogger. She is so nice looking lady and not like already having 2 children. We just managed to introduce ourselves and I dunwan to disturb her having her lunch with her colleague so I just walk off.

Eva : Really nice to meet you but in this situation we very hard to chat, hope to meet you another day.

At nite, we went for the movie at GSC in 1 Utama. It was also my kids favorite movie : Nobita and his dinosaur, they love doraemon so much. We watch the 9.15pm show, it end about 11.10pm. Luckily my son slept on the way to 1U, if not I scare we cannot stand to fall a sleep in the cinema. Not because the movie but I scare he very tired. The movie is so touching at the end, until Carol crying together with the movie. I’m so surprise that she understand what the meaning of the show although they keep on asking what happen about the show.


chanelwong said... day for the whole family..Jeriel will not sit still...

Zara's Mama said...

Your girls are good ler.. maybe b'cos went in a family..

Mine too scared.

yenlin said...

can remember how long i didnt go for a movie already T_T

Jacss said...

ehh, can't believe yr girls at such age can sit still in such long movie hah, some more "cry"ah ...aiyo, she's so matured!

1+2mom said...

they cant sit still but they just stand on the place wont moving around.

zara's mama, first we brought our son to watch movie we also scared but after in the cinema, he ok wor.

you can bring along youe kids to watch so you got chance to go.

hehe..they can sit still since they few months old until now, so we wont scared to bring them go every where but my son i need to think twice b4 we go.

we ask her "why you cry", you know what she answer? She said "because i cry lor".

Huisia said...

wah, so late still went out for movie

CutiePrincessMummy said...

good ler, can bring the kids together for the movie! i dunno have to wait how many years, till my princesses will grow enough to be patience and appreciate the movie, hehehe!