Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bachelor nite

Yesterday we went to 1+2dad friend's bachelor nite, the kids so enjoy themselves there. We play until 12 am plus then go home. My MIL so worried about us, she told me she wanted to call us see why we so late havent back. aiks..that why i dun want to stay with the older but i have no choice.

My children dun like baby or kids younger than them. 1+2dad friend's brought along thier kid about 1 year plus but they keep on run away from him. The boy so friendly wanted to sit with them but they told me they scared him. So i not so worried 1 day they come to me want me to get another baby for them..haha.

Tonite want to go wedding dinner, the kids with my MIL so we can eat easily and relax.


yenlin said...

u know what May used to say when i ask her why not play with the younger one??... "they dun not how to 'play' one!" @@

1+2mom said...

you are right!!My son also said like that, some more he want to give the toy to the younger play first so he said "i better play with the gor gor cause the gor gor will let me play first".