Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crystal Mooncake

This afternoon, after lunch I buy some ingredients to make a crystal mooncake. Actually I like to eat ‘agar-agar’, so I decided to make some mooncake for this coming mooncake festival as a present for my family.

I get the recipes from here, it very easy to make. I want to make a small and cute little mooncake because I very lazy to cut the big mooncake to small tiny pieces when I want to eat. It turn out quite nice but the skin not so tasty because I lazy go buy another box of coconut milk. It needs 350ml coconut milk but I just put 200mil and add more water. If eat with the filling it just nice cause the filling itself already got sweet taste.

How is it?? Look nice?? I didn’t put any color so it just looks white. Tomorrow will bring some for my collages to try, see what they will say?


huisia said...

Wah, you are very good in doing this crystal mooncake! Looks yummy!

btw, a tag for you!

mumsgather said...

I agree with huisia. These look so pretty, too good to eat! :)

Grace said...

wow so pandai make moon cakes, look yummy.

Jacss said...

if i can accomplish what u had, i can celebrate already!!

looks so good.....taste dun know lar, coz never try ma!!

i wana try also one day!!

jazzmint said...

wah lovely, looks like size on konyaku jelly

1+2mom said...

nolar, i just trial and error only. It come out nice, hope the next round will be the same.

thankz, actually it's a mini mooncake.

my family said ok, so dunno is true or not. But today my collages said nice,so can follow the same :)

If you know to cook, pratice more will be perfect. If got chance i'll bring some let you try.

yes, you are right!!It's konyaku jelly size mooncake. I dunwan make the original mooncake cause i very lazy to cut into small pcs, so i make the konyaku jelly size mooncake.

Jacss said...

just as i was abt to get hold of d recipe, i noticed it was all in chinese............eerrr, too bad then, as i am chinese illiterate....banana/abc in oth words, shame shame!!

1+2mom said...

dun worry, i'll translate to english for you on the next post.

milly said...

the center to make a ???

btw, milly start to have another back to blogging..

Anggie's journel said...

wow, u so talent ... know how to make moon cake.... look yummy for me.

yenlin said...

i am suppose to make some 'jelly mooncake' for the upcoming family gathering... will copy some of your idea though... ha ha

1+2mom said...

welcome back to blog world!! The method to make filing was in the recipes.

anggie's journel,
nolar, just follow the recipes.

no problem, hope you success!!

PlatinumGirl said...

Hi there,

Nice mooncakes you made. I wonder, how did you get the filling to be in that shape ? I mean from the pic where you cut into half, the filling shape so symmetrically shaped.

1+2mom said...

thankz for droping by :)

thankz, the filing i put it in the very small cupcake mould. So it come out in that shape when we cut into half.

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