Monday, September 03, 2007


My gals like to dance, especially when they hear the rock music they begin to dance. Few weeks ago, they take out the number sponge and put it up to pretend like a dancing dress.

I think they watch the Barbie series so they know it can pretend to dance like ballet. They are so cute with those sponges that they put it by themselves and show us how they dance.

Below are 2 video clip that how they dance.

The movie clip below is how my son folds his and our blanket using his method. He also teach his sisters to fold like this when he call both of them to clean the room.


yenlin said...

Kor-kor good boy huh! know how to set good example!

chanelwong said...

your son can help you with housework...good..

Wow you girls love to dance...cute

Huisia said...

you have a good boy! :)

Anggie's journel said...

heh.. what a new idea to fold blanket la .. good boy .
so sweet ur girl...

Desperate Mummy said...

Hi,there nice to meet u. U know I can't recognise ur son but I can recognise ur girls.Carter look chubby in person, the twin girls look so cute and u slim down a lot too :D

Sasha said...

i stil dunno which is which! hahah

btw the carpet is from ikea. about 60 plus only if i 'm not mistaken..

CutiePrincessMummy said...

using the puzzle mat as dancing dress, really creative wor...

korkor oso very good boy lar...helping in houseworks! :-)

1+2mom said...

haha..this only..other then this he is evil better dun teach the gals.

sometime he help us to wash the dish but i need to wash it again..haha..still oily.

when he good mood, yes he is but..when he bad mood i can stand and want to beat him.

anggie's journel,
next time you can teach your son too when he at my gals age.

nice to meet you too..still not my wanted figure..hehe.

sasha, time we meet you look clearly from them then you know they still can see the different.

Thank you.

yalor dunno how they figure it out.

he sometime help only, not really helpful wan.