Monday, September 10, 2007 gathering

Last Sunday, I and my kids went to Mid Valley MyKTV to join a very 1st gathering. This is I first time join their gathering, one of the member from Kelantan came to KL so some from KL mommies go there meet her.

This KTV room is big enough to fit about 30 people and it had 2 levels. The kids very happy to play at the second level and all the mommies sit at the first level. I think it is happy hour from 1pm-3pm, so it just cost about RM 14.90 nett per person (include 1 meal, no charge for the kids below 120 cm). This KTV located next to Mega Kids Sport.

Below are some of the photos taken on that day :


Annie Q said...

Wow! Must be a mega gathering huh..

laundryamah said...

cool! our next gathering must choose that place..

yenlin said...

cant wait for the 2nd round already :-)

1+2mom said...

annie q,
haha..not really 'mega' but just about 8 families only.

yea, if got call me too :)

i'm waiting for next round too :P

Anonymous said...


Those photos look good, wonder how did you do it, the background of the photo I meant.