Saturday, November 10, 2007

Change my Template

I had change my template, actually not the template just the background and the banner. Quite boring to see the old one, somemore new year is at the corner so i make some changes.

Not like Sasha, know to make the character will play hide and seek with you. I like her banner so much and cute.

2 more day i'll be 1 year older, sob sob..when at 18 years old hope can reach 21 years old faster(can go in casino mar, you know i have young look the police sure ask me my i/c). When reached 25 years old hope the time can stop there. Now, 31 years old i hope the time can go back to age 25 again. No children, just married and lots of fun on that age.

Tomorow will celebrate with my No.2 sister, cause her birthday was on 11th and i was on 12th so mostly we will celebrate together. But on my big day, i'm sure can go out with my family but morning i need to work hope night time we have some time for only me and 1+2dad.


Sasha said...

Hey...yrs also nice la. :)
Anyway happy birthday to us in 2 more days :D

Shannon's Mummy said...

Oh..if I am not wrong, we are born on the same year! hehe

Happy Birthday to you in 2 days time!!

ilovepearly said...

Sometimes one wish to go back at a certain age but if you think about it, it's nice to know how your life turns out and how wonderful it is to have such kids around at such age.

Jacss said...

helo, i'm here just in time to wish u "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" !!! Hope u will have a sweet romantic dinner with huby as you desired.

btw, yr sis b'day (ystd) same as my boys lar... i had bday bash for them ystd ...will update soon, check out ya !!!

Grace said...

hey, nice banner & background. u have same birth date with my hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u!!

1+2mom said...

sasha, shannon's mummy, jacss,grace,
thank you so much..*muak*

welcome to my blog and thank you :)
yea, no regreat to have the kids with me :)

chanelwong said...

nice...better than mine soo boring..