Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Young looking

Last week I had my training at Puchong, I saw 2 teachers from other center are quite pretty and young looking. When we chatting, I just realize they are going to 50 years old and their kids are from 15-18 years old.

I asked them how they can keep young looking, they said they can keep young looking because of they teach in the kindergarten with those small kids and play with them. The kids make them happy and enjoy the life.

On the last day, I brought along with my son. Some of the teacher ask me weather he is my son, when I said yes they look at me so surprise and told me that I’m just look like 20+ and haven’t married. I laugh and told them I already have 3 children and I 30+ of age.


Bobby said...

Great site and cute kids I must say!
Anyways, I came across your blog recently and had a few questions. I was wondering if I could be referred to the proper contact who could answer such questions? Get back to me at your earliest convenience, thanks!

MamaBoK said...

Awwww...!! that surely made your day..! ;)

Montessorimum said...

It's true that being surrounded with children makes you look young. My mum has been with children for so many years, she doesn't look old at all.

IMMomsDaughter said...

I believe these 50+ women genuinely love kids and enjoy being teachers, rather than teach for the sake of teaching. Very rare breed nowadays :)

huisia said...

Haha..young in heart also important :)

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

wow....i guess that's why they said 'you tend to look like people that you spend a lot of time with'.

Deana E said...

wow..wish i can be like you..i am already 30+ and just expecting my first born..hmmm

Jacss said...

wow...what a compliment hor!! must be flying high & blush red red already!!
yeah u don't look like a mom of 3....how lucky!

MY Life Zone said...

heheh.. sure very happy lor... but you doesn't look like having 3 kids already...

haha.. you admire them look so young but they pula thought you still 'mui mui chai'..:)

chanelwong said...

actually you really look young with 3 kids...some more you handle kids and work in kindy..no wonder you look young...

Twin said...

u must be so happy. :)
how old is ur boy? 10? and girls? they have grown so much.

u r a kindy teacher .. wahhhh u must have lots of patience!! which kindy?

1+2mom said...

Thanks for dropping by to my blog, already e-mail you about your question.

i already fly up high.

I hope i can like your mum wont look old when i reach that age.

i agree with you.

haha..but body cannot move like the kids, all the bone getting hard already.

mama of 2littlefellas,
Like my son and daughters??haha..I hope still young like them so no need think of so many things just need to know how to play.

deana e,
welcome to my blog :) It's not so late that have 1st baby, as long as young in your heart.

need to thanks my mum, she still look 40+ and now she already 50+.

my life zone,
yahor..i wish to stay at this age wont get old, so i can still do alot of things.

come join my courier so you can look young too..kekeke..

My son just 5 years old and my gals will turn 4 next month.

yea, i'm kindy teacher but with my son i have not much patience to spend..haha.I work with Q-dees.