Sunday, November 11, 2007

Need extra income?

When i blog hop i saw most of the blogger was join in the 3P post to earn extra income. If you are 1 of them this is another extra income you can earn without scatch your head what to write but just a click from your blog reader. It's only need you to paste the advertiser widget at your blog and let your blog reader to click.

Once you sign up this widget, you'll automatically receive a $25 bonus into your account to get the ball rolling. This means you are half way to your first payout with WidgetBucks. Why wait, just click the icon below and get start to earn money.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!


Sasha said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

1+2mom said...

thank you!

Hazel said...

i m just start my blog for 2 months..can i click the icon as u said to earn money? tq

1+2mom said...

hi hazel, welcome to my blog :)
Sorry forthe late reply, if you click the adv widget that i put it on my side bar i can earn money.

You can click the icon to subscribe for your sidebar so that if your blog reader click the adv. widget you can start earn money. They didnt mention about requirement of the blog.