Monday, December 17, 2007

Shopping at Mid Valley

This morning we went to Mid Valley shopping, actually not shopping we decided to snap some photo there because my friends said the decoration at there was very nice. We reached there around 10.30am and had our breakfast cam lunch at the food court there. Thought to invite Jacss to join us but too bad her helper was cleaning up their house so she couldn't join us.

Thought to go there eat the Portuguese grill fish but the shop hasn’t ready yet. We go order the Chinese fried food. About 11.00am, we still eating and heard the centre court had the Santa photo snapping event had start. After the lunch, we went to the exhibition hall to have a look about the Play-Ex function. We bought a set of 6 small transformers (can make to 1 big robot) as my son Christmas present. The gals present we will buy it later, any idea to get what present for 4 years old girls?

Bought a Strawberry Short cake movie for the gals and b4 we went home we go get their milk powder at a shop at Taman Megah. The first things when we reached home, my son call us to open his 6 little transformers for him.

Next week we will go The Curve to see the decoration there and sent my son to the cookies workshop too.

Yesterday, I had made a musical instrument from the recycle box for my son (guitar). He also gets some idea to make the drum with 2 tins of cookies container and hit with the chopstick. I get 2 emptier yogurt cups to put some red bean inside for the gals to shake. Carter goes make our bedroom to his music room with all the rules listed in front of the door. They hit and shake the musical instrument inside the ..what a sound pollution.


MamaBoK said...

Good to be able to bring the kids out.. ;) the mall here suxs.. plus it's winter here.. so weather is really crazy..!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

it's good to get out...hear some Christmas jingles...gaze at Christmas decor esp at shopping complexes...and enjoy that moment with loved ones.

Jacss said...

ehh, we also like d portugese grill oasis rite, yum-yum!

btw, when is d cookies baking session at the curve?

too bad i can't make it.....