Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little update

Yesterday was our 10th registered anniversary; we didn’t go anywhere because I working and no leave to take some more 1+2dad also working. Last Wednesday (5th December), was our 8th wedding anniversary. I almost forgot to update it in my blog, I was in training so this year we didn’t celebrate this occasion.

Wah, from the date above I already married 8 years. It not a very long marriage but between these years we had a lot of quarrel sometime we also mention about divorce. After the big fight, we still stick together I think is because of ‘LOVE’, if not I dun think we still together. We came along so many problems and finally we still in a Happy Family, that why I put this as my blog title I love my family so much. They are my very important family member and my life too. From we meet until we built a family and now with 3 kids, you had done your good job.
"I Love You so much, Darling."

Beside that, our washing machine had ’running our of service’ 4 days ago (it with us about 6 years) so I need to wash all the laundry with so tired. Luckily today the brand new washing machine was in time so tonite I no need wash with my hand.


Hazel said...

LOVE is important for human..everybody needs love..

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.

may LOVE overrule in your marriage and always keep the LOVE alive.

jazzmint said...

happy anniversary to u :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Happy Anniversary and wishing you both many more happy years to come.

MamaBoK said...

Happy anniversary..!! we all have our ups and downs.. but the most important thing is .. the heart must be willing.. :)

Jacss said...

oooh...u even talked abt divorce...tsk tsk tsk, try to avoid that as it can really harm d rel/ship! anyway, you guys must have done great..happy anniversary!

u actually hand washed yr clothes??? dying man...thank god helper has finally arrived!

Hazel said...

a tag for u hope u like it

1+2mom said...

to all,
thank you very much, thankz for all the wish i keep in my heart.

yes, i hand wash all the cloth..haha..really half way dying luckily the washing machine is here.I cannot keep all the cloth till the 'helper' here if not i think the machine also will give up its job.

Constance Chan said...

how sweet.. happy anniversary to you..

my first visit.. cheers, constance

1+2mom said...

constance chan,
Welcome to my blog :)

Thank you so much!!

Shannon's Mummy said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!! May you and hubby love each other forever.... :)

MY Life Zone said...

ya.. i think w/o Love, is hard to maintain a long relationship.. and kids also sometimes will 'connect' you back with the family..

Anyway, Happy Anniversary .. :)