Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Weekend delight

Sunday morning we go 1U again, yes 1U cause is very near to our house. We brought together with the Robot cause got something wrong with it, we just got it 2 weeks ago. When reached there, the sale people told us that the controller got problem. They will replace to us after they got the stock, meanwhile we want go to shopping we saw the tag on the table show that they will sold off their demo set at RM200. If you want go check it out.

Good news at 1U that the new kid’s playground near GSC cinema was open!!! It charge about RM 15/entry. I think for all kids dunno include the toddle under 3 or not are charge the same price. Remember bring along the socks. For me I saw it suitable for kids above 5 to play. While we had a look at that playground we saw a couple and maid with 3 little gals about the same age (they wear same shirt and pants), later I know they are triples (cause they call her mommy). Wow!! 3 gals, dunno that husband and wife want any children again?? Their daughters look about 5 or 6 years old. We saw them leave with 1 ppl hold one gal, so cute and easy. Not like us, we either one need to hole 2 children.

Sunday nite I tried to make pretzel again. If you all already read Maria post last week, you should know I failed my pretzel. Why?? Cause I’m so stupid that think the due coffee powder was yeast. I didn’t saw any yeast b4, so I though that was a yeast put in a small plastic container. No wander the dough wouldn’t raise and the smell like coffee. Some more the color was chocolate. I though my MIL put the yeast at the same place with those baking accessories after my MIL told me that was her coffee that put very long ago.

This week I tried again, finally can get it. But I roll the dough to tick should be more thin, next time make it thin and add on some cheese.

If you all want to try the recipes can go to the link below :

Yea!! 1 thing b4 I forgot, in that recipe I had change the non-stick spray to tin glice that I bought at the baker shop that sold baking accessories. I asked her about the non-stick spray she recommends me to buy the tin glice. That non-stick spray is about RM 30, but the tin glice just about RM 2.50 dunno shopping center got or not??

This are some of the photos i took when i made the pretzel.

The dough i had made it raise after 1 hour.

The pretzel is too thick, i'll make it smaller next time i do again.

The pretzel in the baking sheet.

The final look afther the pretzel was baked.

The baking soda (powder) and the tin glice (cream) are look like this.


Alicia said...

looks good lei.. ur pretzel.. might try making it when i'm free xD

Egghead said...

the shape of your pretzel looks like one of the famous brand... I think call Kristein or something... copy one ah? :P

Blogie-Talkie said...

yummy, do you need to sprinkle gula on it??
Will you send some for me???

Blogie-Talkie said...

tin glice?? it's for nonstick purpose??
can you use butter instead.. ? rub on the baking tray.

1+2mom said...

thank you, you can go try very easy to made.

I know Antie Anne's pretzel but Kristein i dunno. My son like to eat Antie Anne's Pretzel it very expensive ler 1 pic cost RM 2.80, so i go serach net got the recipe or not lor.

If you want you can sprinkle some sugar powder but i put some salt on it. If i send to you i think cannot eat lor.
Yes, the tin glice is for non-stick purpose. If put butter the pretzel should be very oily and it just rub on the baking tray. It turn out nice and easy to take out from the tray.

Jesslyn said...

You follow exactly the ingredient in the link? will try one day...must bring back my another oven (bigger a bit)from mum hse first!

Zara's Mama said...

The pretzel looks good.. your kids like it?

Hey, you buy baking supply from the Guten place in Paramount Garden? I go there too sometimes. :P

shoppingmum said...

Oh, kids like this food, too bad I dunno how to cook lah...

1+2mom said...

yes i follow exactly the same just the non-stick spray i change and the pretzel salt i used normal salt.

zara's mama,
hehe..yea the same shop, it very easy to get all the baking accessories there. My kids eat but maybe it too thick they not like it so much somemore it plain on top, maybe next time put some cheese they will like it.

your kids also like it?? Dunno how to cook ar, cooking is so much fun :) (if not just for eat..hehe)

mom2ashley said...

looks good la!

Tracy said...

Weeeee, just love pretzels esp. cinnamon with sugar.

U mean by glazing the baking tray with the Tin Glide (I think it's Glide and not Glice, rite?), the dough will not stick to the tray? Aiyo, haven't tried dat before.

Must get the ingredients to try pretzels this week.

1+2mom said...

thank you, first tried still can see the shape is great for me :P

yahor, is glide hor (very lazy go see the original, i just got it on the pic :P). Yes, just apply equally on the baking tray that's all.

sofhib said...

thank you for sharing with us. My kids & hubby love Auntie Anne pretzel, so with this recipe, I can bake it anytime @ honme :)

Allyfeel said...

I like pretzel with sour cream top. Hey very successful ler this time, at least it looks like the one selling outside. :)

shiaulin said...

hey, remember to teach that baker's daughter how to bake a bread ya. :P

and bake some for me next time? :D

1+2mom said...

no problem, cause my family also like to eat :)

thankz for droping by :)
haha..it very easy to make, you can try at home too :P

sure if you back to Malaysia :)
It very easy to make, i think Maria can handle lar. It easier then make cake ler, for me :P

maria @ twinsmom said...

恭喜恭喜,终于成功了 :D,几时请我吃?