Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pre-school experiences

Saw a post about the nursery and kindergarten at mumsgather blog. I send my son to nursery because my maid went back to her hometown and I need sometime for my 15 months old twins last year.

Below are some of the question that MG wants to know :

1. When did you register? (ie how many months in advance?)
I register my son to nursery when I want to enroll him to nursery on April. I asked the headmasters that let my son had a trial b4 he enters to the nursery.

2.How old was your kid?
He is just 3 years old when he enter the kiddy.

3. How did you choose the kiddy?
I just went to nearest kiddy to find the nursery that accept 3 years old kid.

4.What is your child's personality and how long did he/she take to settle down?
My son very stick to me cause I’m the only one he face since he born, he need about a week to settle down. I just accompany him about 3 days, and then I let him stay alone after the 4th day. At first he will cry, later he knows you will come and fetch him b4 the school bell ring he will settle down.

5. Are you happy with your choice?
oklar, at least he enjoy and he told me he like the school.

6.Any horror/happy stories to share?
He very happy that his friend celebrate birthday at school and play with his friends.

When my son 3 years old at nursery, they just repeat the word and song everyday so the kids will recognize and remember the word and song. They dun have any exam and homework cause for 3 years old kids they just have fun and meet friends at school. They just do some coloring and painting that’s all.

This year he turns 4 so they start to teach them alphabets and numbers. They sometime have homework but just 1 page of coloring and 1 page of writing only. I like this school 1 thing is they will let the kids read the reading book 1 by 1 for teacher so that the teacher know who can read who cant. They didn’t force them know all the word but at least they learn.

My son very lazy to write properly and colour nicely, I very happy he got improvement and learn many new things at school.

This school will need parents choose the langue when they turn to 5 years old so they can concentrate on the langue you choose, like if you want to let your children enter Chinese primary school they will teach more Chinese. This year they still had 1 lesson of Manderin so the children can get used to it b4 they go on to next year class. They dunwan the children learn so many languages in 1 time, so they will start it on 5 years old.


Potential Mom said...

yaya.... i like this kindergarten also....erm..they will read in the morning...!! hehe... why last time my middy dont have this kind of activities ar?? aighh.... swimming poool... nice...can swin once per week...

mom2ashley said...

i did hear somewhere that children can easily pick up languages at the age of 4 and below though...

anyway, i would prolly choose a kindy which is near to my mil's place since ashley is at my mil's place during the day when we work...

1+2mom said...

potential mom,
yalor, so i also like this school :P

yea but not at school ler, maybe they will confuse..i dunno. Cause i did asked about this to headmaster.

i think most of the mother will choose the nearest kiddy for our children.

mumsgather said...

Sounds like a good kindergarden. Plus they give you a choice of language depending on whether you wish to send your child to chinese school or national school. Do most kindergarden's offer these choices these days or maybe only the bigger one does?

1+2mom said...

I dunno wor but my work place kiddy dun have such choice so all need to study chinese cause my kiddy very less ppl just about 20 children in whole school.

mumsgather said...

BTW, Is it your boy birthday today? I saw on your Lilipie chart that it says "Happy Birthday". If it is then Happy Birthday to Carter! :) If not, then better adjust your chart. Hahaha.


given all the choices available today, choosing the right kindy is no longer an easy decision.

glad that bloggers' mummies are posting up this topic for discussion.

Blogie-Talkie said...

May 2nd,, Carter Birthday right..
Hug Hug from Auntie May(blogie-talkie)
Happy 4th Birhtday.

Jesslyn said...

Happy belated Birthday, Carter!
Auntie Jesslyn is late...very busy yesterday lor!

Anonymous said...

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AsleyLee said...

Can have trial class? I think not all the nursery can provide this.

1+2mom said...

MG, blogie-talkie, jesslyn,
thank you to you all, yes Carter birthday is on 2nd May.

two little fellas,
hehe..we all share share our exp. :)

hui sia,
i dunno, but i ask few they let my son try ler.

michelle said...

It must be a great school to attract your son to like it. My son started with coloring monotone, now I can see mixture of colors. So when are your gals joining the bro?

1+2mom said...

Maybe i'll let them join mid of the year, just like their bro. I scare too much school life they will get bord.

Zara's Mama said...

I'm also planning to send Zara to playschool or nursery next year.. but don't know if she'll be happy like Carter..

Btw, you have your maid back now?