Thursday, April 20, 2006

Busy!! Busy!! Busy!!

Wow!! What a busy day from now on ward. Need to do home work (prepare the work for the next day teaching) everyday, and take care the kids after back from work.

Every weekday morning I’ll bring my son go school together, when reach his school I said bye bye to him and continue to my school. After school about 12.30pm I go fetch my son and we walk back together.

Reached home after about 10 min, feed my children lunch and feed myself too. At about 1.30pm get my gals to nap and let my son to play computer or watch TV. At about 3pm get my son to nap and I’ll sleep together with them.

Later about 5.30 or 6pm we all wake up and play a while, teach them some song. Carol and Carrie can sing many song like : Twinkle twinkle little star, Bla Bla Black Sheep, ABC song, Hickory Dickory Dock and I love you (Barney ending song). They can sang part of the song, but know the starting and some word will be missing.

At 7pm we having our dinner, after dinner I bath the kids. After that, I fold the cloth and the kids watch TV or play around. While they playing if got time I do my home work (lesson plans and mark the book).

At about 10pm, I change them and let them go sleep. In the bedroom, if they after had their milk still haven’t sleep I’ll sing a song with them. Sometime teach them new song, or I’ll chat with my son what he done at school today.

After they had slept, I go wash the cloth and do some house chore. Iron some cloth for the next day used, read some e-mail.

Sorry this few days cant blog hopping cause sometime too tired. If I do so maybe didn’t drop any comment but just go through the blog.


Egghead said...

wah lau! your day is more busier and hectic than mine! can't believe it!

wtpgRR said...

wow... reading ur blog only can tell u are so hectic, no time to catch your breath : 0
The start of changes is always over-whelming, Hopfully ur lifestyle can be on track very soon :) cheers!

mama bok said...

No worries.. 1+2mom,
We'll understand.. for sure..! you take care.. now..!

shoppingmum said...

Busy busy also must take care of yourself. I think after sometime, you'll get familiarize with the lesson plans, and spend less time preparing it, then you'll have more time for yourself. Hey, at least can take naps mah... :P

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. your girls normally sleep from 1:30pm to 5:30pm? That's a long nap.

Enjoying your work?

1+2mom said...

yalor, teach the kids at school and teach the kids at home too. All day long just teaching..hehe..but happy :)

thanz, still trying find sometime to take a breath, but already familiar with the buzy day.

mama bok,
i try my best to catch up the updated blog, if not i'll be outdated on blog world :P

yea, i need about 30 to 45 min to prepare the lesson for next day. Sometime will blur and no idea how to teach them that lesson. Now i know not easy to be teacher.

zara's mama,
yea my gals can sleep about 3 to 4 hours perday if i accompany them after they slept about 2 hours. My son just need 1 to 2 hours nap time so he will be late abit after the gals slept.

Very enjoy especially when singing lesson :)

mom2ashley said...

sahm is a full-time job! cannot even take MCs huh!;)

maria @ twinsmom said...

*fainted*, I want to to be full tiem SAHM, no part time job :P.

Tracy said...

Wah, wah, wah, u've to work and to take care of ur 3 kids - no easy job hor? No worries, we'll understand. Do take care of urself.

mumsgather said...

You are terror lah. How do you cope?

1+2mom said...

LOL!!where got MCs, not even got any holiday too.

Have to work if not no money send the kids to school :P You good lor still is full-time SAHM. Think of to work too?

hehe..abit busy and tired. Sometime midnite cant sleep, maybe got some presure let me cant sleep well.

Blogie-Talkie said...


Greenapple said...

oh my God, I salute you man ...

please, do not forget to take good care of yourself too, ya?

1+2mom said...

i dunno how i can cope but i'll try my best to do it.


thank you i will :)

Allyfeel said...

I can understand your situation perfectly. We mommies are super women hor? Can do so much work in a day. Really "Keng".

1+2mom said...

haha..yea yea, i agree with you :P