Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fussy parents

On Monday, 1 of the student parents came by complain us that his son writing was so bad. That teacher told me after that, she said his father mother very fussy. This kind of things also wants to complain, somemore not our wrong. They should accompany his son do homework and know why his writing so badly.

Early the year, his writing was quite nice. Dunno why after holiday back his writing was so badly especially Chinese word. I know the Chinese word very hard to write, so I dun expect they write so nicely but this parents very fussy, they said cannot just like that must write properly and nicely.

That teacher also told me that this mother sits at the class about a week to see how the teacher teaches the lessons. That time his son 5 years old, this mother said cannot let his son go home do homework. It should do it at school, teacher should have time for him to finish the work. Actually, the teacher just wants to let the kids get used to have homework b4 they enter to primary school. She just let the kids do half of the work at home.

Some of the mother want the teachers teach their children like at university cause they expect their 4 or 5 years old children know every word that they had learned at school.

I dunno why those mother said they dun have time to teach their children but got time go shopping and dry swimming (play mahjong). 1 of the mother told me that his hubby saw his 6 years old son cried when doing homework, he told his son no need to do wor. I dun think this is the best way to teach a children, it should let the kids rest then do it afterward. Just like my son, I know they very young and no strange to color so much so I just let him do some of it then after his nap I continue let him do if still cant finish I will let him finish after his dinner.

Some of the parents know how to help the kids but some may not like to hear what you said about his children. Parents need to know what gain and lose they want. If want the kids be good so need to suicide the courier, if you think you love your job more..feel sorry to your kids lor.


Egghead said...

kids supposed to have fun in nursery or kindergartens ler... not pressured to write nicely mah... sometimes those parents really too kiasu lah!

AsleyLee said...

Huh? This kind of parents also got?? I almost want to stand out and slap them once i read your blog!!! Wah, angry!!


Loc Kee said...

hai... typical Kiasu parent.

if they think this kindergarden no good, then send to other that will satisfy them la. or teach the kids themselves.
If you send the kids to schol, should let the Pro (teacher la) handle.


such a pity to hear parents that only care about their kids on the surface (whether to write nice or not????-so silly) but when it comes to actual work, they are not willing to participate at all...

wow, you are a kindy's teacher now??

Allyfeel said...

Hand writting not nice also want to complaint ar? Aiks....they should hv some responsibility on their own shoulder too.

Jesslyn said...

Haih, typical kiasu parent lar!

I just registered Wien for next year kindergarten, hope not much homework, just wish she can enjoy life there!

mumsgather said...

I just feel that kids nowadays are riddled with too much homework at a young age. On the one hand its good that the kindy prepares the child for school otherwise they are so used to playing when they go to school they will have a culture shock but on the other hand, its sad to see little ones having to do so much homework till they cry?

Potential Mom said... last time i work at qdees... also like that lor...!! the parents ar...really super kiasu lar... wanna watch the teacher all the time..this also complain., that also complaint... small things also wanna say is teacher's fault..!! really no eye see lar... really over protect the kids liao...

Zara's Mama said...

Hee hee.. I won't be a fussy parent.. but if my daugther have too much home work from kindergarten and nursery.. I'll also ask her not to do..

After all, it's supposed to play and fun in kindergarten and nursery.. The pressure and the homework can wait. :D

Tracy said...

Not easy to be a parent and no easy job becoming a TEACHER hor?

I oso registered Destinee into kindy (to start in June). I enquired from the kindy dat the kids at 4 years old are just to go there and play with other kids and the teachers will teach them to use the skill of their hands and let them practise the hand muscles - not much homework.

Blogie-Talkie said...

speechless.........I agree with egghead.
Some parent just hand out the responsibility to others and hoping to raise a genius. I just hope this sort of issues doesn't get worse........
Good luck and 再加油

1+2mom said...

yalor, i also though they can write the word is ok for me but the parents said cannot wor. What to do, need to give some pressure for them lor but they can write nicely from that day onward ler.

welcome to my blog :)
dun so angry..just feel very sad to those children had this kind of parents.

loc kee,
i said why not go get 1 teacher specially just teach their children instead of send them to school.

two little fellas,
yalor, very silly parents. I cannot accept this kind of complaint.
hehe..just start 2 weeks ago.

dunno why all things wanna dump to teacher, they though the fees very big for them so need to equal the value.

i think 4 not much homework, maybe very long got 1 pg of coloring only. Hope she have fun there :)

yea especially when at chinese primary school, so much homework till no time to study.

potential mom,
hehe..after that you know what to do lar, when next time you be mommy already :P

zara's mama,
if too much homework i also will complaint to teacher, but we just let them do half at home when they too tired to do it at school. For those 6 years old, we need to push them to write more chinese word cause need alot of practice.Their writing very bad, till dunno what they write.

for 4 years old not much homework, my son sometime just bring back 1 pg of coloring or writing only.

nowaday so many parents very lazy or no more responsibility, they just hand out this kind of job to nanny or teacher. If their kids not good or what they will complaint to that person, but they dun think is their problem.

maria @ twinsmom said...

ai yoh... tough job, that was one of the reason I afriad to teach :P, you much brave than me.

Sue said...

Aiyah, sometimes like that la, teaching other poeple's children get scolded summore, but life's like that, there are parents who think they can hire another person to do a job which they as parents shd do lorr...

shoppingmum said...

That's what I hate about being a teacher, PARENTS COMPLAINS! But some complains are good lah...
Most parents don't know children's learning curve, that's why they expect too much. If they know about kids learning process, they won't be too fussy, it's going to make the kids feel stressful only.

1+2mom said...

马死落地行, if not how gonna save money for my kids education fund wor.

yalor, dunno what this parents think of??

you are right, those parents should go to school again b4 their children go..kekeke.