Friday, March 24, 2006

New Toy

Last Sunday we had been to 1U again. The nite b4 we go, 1+2dad ask my son which toy he want.
1+2dad : boy, daddy buy the robot for want or not?
Boy : want!!!

1+2dad : you want robot or the dinosaur?
Boy : I want big robot.

1+2dad : why you want robot, dunwan dinosaur?
Boy : the big robot can beat the dinosaur.

So the next day we went to 1U after we had our breakfast at Kayu Nasi Kandar nearby our house. At the shop, 1+2dad decided to buy the robot for him that day but they had no stock for the blue color robot so we order from them and to pick up the stock when it reach their shop.

We walk around and back to home about 1pm. I had a survey at Old Town, so I went there with my son. It was a diapers survey, just look the advertisement and answer some question. It take about half an hour and I get RM extra pocket money for me.

The next day after I weak up from nap, I saw 1+2dad bought the robot for my son and he open it on my MIL(mother in law) room. I said why so early buy the robot for him and his birthday haven’t reach yet? He said nvm just let him have the robot early.

My son weak up saw the robot he want, he very excited and happy. He play with the robot and when the time to sleep he put the robot at the corner of his bed. He said the robot want to sleep with him.

This is the close up to the Robosapien.

The robot came with the remote control. This color very nice compare with others color. (it got gold and white)

Additonal :

Carrie know how to sing the "twinkle little star" with her own style.


Jason said...

Jor... Kids nowadays so "hang fuk". I want a Transformer toy also didn't get and Carter already got such canggih robot. :(

So cute, Carrie. Keep it up. Sing for me when I see you next time.

Jason said...

And why is Carter and Carol running here and there.

angelineweess said...

So Cute!!Reminds me of my sister when she was young..oh.. Wish i can hug her leh..!!

Potential Mom said...

if not mistaken, at the end of the video, carrie cross leg rite??

haha.... so cute when she do cross leg...ekeke....

robot... robot... my toy just barbie doll...but now my toy is pc..!! r the most hang fuk 1...

Egghead said...

ooi! I wanna pinjam for me (not my son)! I wanna play lah that robot!!

carrie's sister jealous ah? kept running in front of the camera to steal focus :P

michelle said...

Wahliao, some more got remote control. The daddy so "syer tak".

mumsgather said...

Oh we got a remote control robot too but I think mummy and daddy likes to play with it more! Hahaha. Its quite fascinating really cos we didn't have such toys back then.

mom2ashley said...

hey you all go to 1 u alot huh!

Kampungkai said...

it sounds more like REMIX of twinkle twinkle little star! she rocks! wuuhoo!!

Zara's Mama said...

the robot looks fierce.. the girls didn't get scared of it.

Carrie's Twinkle Little satar is cute.. :P Yeah, like what Kampungkai said.. like remix!

Tracy said...

Wah, daddy really bought the robot for Carter. So lucky of Carter.

Carrie really got her own version of singing Twinkle Twinkle Star. And she's so cute singing towards the end of the song ... how I wonder what u are ... ah ... in goes her bottle. And Carter and Carol are her dancers? Hahahahaha!

Jason said...

I just found out, our uni also bought one of the robot and been treating it like some precious like that. And Carter already got it as a toy. LOL.

1+2mom said...

Jason, dun so paretns also trade you good liao lor.
Carter and Carol be dancer mar :P
I ask Carter put properly after each play, if not no more nice toy for him next time.

angelineweess, welcome and thanks for drop by :) If you meet her sure you can hug her.

potential mom, yes she is crossing her leg at the end. She and Carol also like cross leg when they drink milk or water.
Carter so 'hang fuk', i want be him too :P

egghead, can borrow but you have to ask my son first..haha..that is not my toy.

michelle, yalor..i call him dun buy first, need to think twice but he bought liao.

MG, my son his the one play alot cause he conquer the robot so we cant play. If 'curi-curi' play let him see he will scold us said y dun ask for the permision first. *sign*

mom2ashley, cause 1U very near my house and we lazy go so far.

kampungkai, haha..i didnt realise but she sing the tone so difference.

zara's mama, they didnt scare the robot cause the robot know to dance they like it and follow the robot dance.
Carrie sing the song with her own tone.

tracy, i also said 1+2dad very waste money cause not suitable for him now but he bought it so just let my son play lor.
Carter and Carol run infront of my camera, he just want to distub me.

maria @ twinsmom said...

e... middle of the night the robot wake up... e... lagi best if he can do house work.

1+2mom said...

maria, if really can i dun mind ler..haha.

shiaulin said...

ur hubby are so alike mine! toys, toys, and toys for children nia, himself and wife got nothing... :P

nicely robot, yeah hope it can help to do house work then damn chun! :D :D

1+2mom said...

shiaulin, dunno why almost all the father will buy any toys to their children even it very expensive.