Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I start work

Last week I went for an interview to be a kindergarten teacher, though wont get this job cause I lost my SPM cert. They need the cert. to apply working permit for me, so I need to do replacement.

I had checked the web show that if I want the replacement cert. I need to get the ‘surat sumpah’ or police report b4 submit to Lembaga Peperiksaan (I had been to my secondary school asked for the replacement but they said need to go Lembaga Peperiksaan to get). I very lazy to find and cause few time shift house dunno where I put the cert. but I got my diploma cert. so I though not so importance.

This job is my MIL got it at the newspaper, she told me why not I go for try and cause it quite near to my son nursery (just a filed apart). She can help me look after the gals, and I can go school and back home with my son so can earn some pocket money too.

Today that kindergarten principle call me to start work, she lets me look around the school first b4 I really start on Wednesday. She past me the previous teacher job to me, teach me some of the technique when teach them. I teach all the subject except English and Bahasa.

I’ll be part time mum to my kids from Wednesday onward. I think to go back work for long time but the kids still young, so now I can work half day and takecare the children too. When school holiday, I also holiday..not bad.


Mama BoK said...

Wow..!! congrats..!!

Lazymama said...

Big news from you, congrats! And good luck ya!

But anyway, handle kids (no matter how naughty they are) are more enjoyable than handle those corporate peoples!

Potential Mom said...

wah... now seem like every mom also working lar...! good news also...

so... what kindergarten is that?? kekek.... good morning teacher....

i scare they tot u r just my age only... then call u as jiejie...ekkekekek....

Jesslyn said...

Back to work? sure your kids will miss u one!
Anyway, good luck & congratulations!

1+2mom said...

mama bok,

errrr..for me is better corporated kids..hehe.

potential mom,
that is very small kindergarten it about 20 kids only.

hehe..but just half day only :) and thank you.

mom2ashley said...

that;s a really good idea! at least u still get to spend time with ur kids...good luck!

Anonymous said...

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Suzette said...

Congratulations on your new job! But strange why you need a working permit since you are a Malaysian (or are you not?!)...

Blogie-Talkie said...

Congratulations, 一加二媽媽、

1+2mom said...

thankz, yea if not i think i wont start work so soon.

thankz, the working permit actually is a liciense as a teacher.

谢谢, 我一定会努力的.

Alicia said...

waa kindergarten teacher xD.. dun buwee the children oo hehe.. btw.. means less time for KO liao ??

Allyfeel said...

Wah, such great news! I am so happy for you ler. I want to be a part time mom too. :P

I lost my SPM cert also ler... so leceh one, have to go police report?

Zara's Mama said...

Hey, congratulations!!
It's good to teach in kindergarten too, you pick up some skills which will be useful in the sense that you can use it to teach your kids too.

Btw, how come you need work permit? You are not M'sian?

shiaulin said...

wow congrats! good lah u, got MIL help to look after ur gals. I wanted to become kindy teacher too before I gave birth, but now no more loh as china here does not need this pariak teacher, 这里人才滚滚!:D

1+2mom said...

i already stop KO for half a year, now mostly is 1+2dad play.

yalor very leceh and i lazy to go report police or take 'surat sumpah' but now they hire me so i got to go make it :(

zara's mama,
i also think of that so i work as a kindergarten teacher..hehe. The working permit is a liciense to be a teacher.

thank you, nvm next time you back to Malaysia still got chance :)

mumsgather said...

Not bad at all. All the best to you in your new job.

shoppingmum said...

Oh, you definitely need the SPM to get a teaching permit, without it, it's hard to work as a kindy teacher. BTW, are you going for courses too? There're a few exams to go thru before you're given the permit. After having the permit, you're a qualified teacher and work in any kindy. Congra!

maria @ twinsmom said...

wow... not bad wor... really, congrate.

I was once offer a teaching job in Kindy too, teach Mandarin (seems very hard to find people teach CHinese), but too far away from my house (the kindy in D'sara Utama), so second thought I tolak liao :P.

Keep it up, so next time got pocket money belanja me teh tarik huh ;).

Dragonmummy said...

wah..congrats..so envy..I have wanted to be a kindergarten teacher too... but my kids still young ...and planning to have more...so have to wait la

Kampungkai said...

ahhh, teachers! half day work is the best! like my mum, i can have half day of freedom haha no nagging for 6-7 hours! yeay! :P

when u bringing us for japanese buffet? end of the month?

1+2mom said...

thank you :)

yalor so i need to go replace my SPM cert.

about the courses i dunno yet..hehe..they didnt mention about it.

wah D'sara Utama also far from my house ler. This kiddy i can walk to there so no need transport (no car and too long didnt take any bus and taxi) and it save alot of money too :P

elaine lee,
wah you still want baby ar??2 not enough??

i also wait till my kids grow older so i can work :)

i just start 3 days, you ask for the japanese buffet ar??

aiya so big liao your mum still nagging you?? then you should be so naughty lor..bohohohoho.

Greenapple said...

congratulations! never thought that a busy mom like you will still have energy to work! what's more you'll be taking care of other kids ... ! oh my, you're really something.

feel proud for you!

michelle said...

Congrats on your new job. *Salute* I always respect kindy teachers. Anyway my sister also lost her SPM cert but you can get a certified copy of your results from your school.

I did that for her from the school principal.

1+2mom said...

hehe..just half day work :) Can learn some skill to teach my children :P

thankz. yahor but i didnt know school still keep the certified copy or not, if yes is very eazy for me. Try to get it this week, thankz for your remind.

Sue said...

Wah, I think this is every mum's dream job kua... coz children holiday, we also get holiday and only work half day... so nice :)

1+2mom said...

hehe..i dun think so cause they scare of to teach other children too.