Saturday, April 08, 2006

Twins lock in bedroom

This afternoon at about 1.30pm was time for my kids nap, but they still wanna play so I let it be.

I let them play till 2.30pm and call my gals to sleep. Mean while my son wants me to accompany him to play online game, he need me to help him open the game for him. I went out the room and half close the door (my gals still haven’t slept), I load the website for my son.

While waiting the web page to load, I surf net and read some blog. Carter goes in and out the bedroom and closed the door. I heard he close the door and heard Carrie near the door. Perhaps she wants to open the door but she accidentally locks the door. I though my MIL bedroom toilet was unlock (we share the same toilet), cause I just used.

Later Carrie call me, I go my MIL room though want to pass by the toilet to open the door but I noticed was locked. I quickly ran back to my bedroom and asked Carrie twist the door knob. She tried so hard but still cant unlock the door. Because she not high enough so I call her to take some pillow to stand on it and try to twist the door knob but failed.

I call her so many time to try again and again, but still failed. About 15 min later, she starts panic and calls me to open the door. She cried and cried, my FIL used the drill to open the door knob. I heard she cry so loud but didn’t heard any Carol sound, I know she was slept.

After the door was open, I saw Carrie cried on her bed while Carol slept behind the door (I think she was slept b4 Carrie start panic). She not even heard any noise from the drill while my FIL drill the door knob. While I carried her, she look still blur dunno what happened just now. I hug Carrie and gave her drink some water then accompany her sleep.

I know it will happen 1 day cause this few week she like to play with the door knob. She lock (at outside) and open the door. Carter also tried once when he about this age too. My bedroom door knob ‘shot shot’ for quite some time, and the key was lost.

1st time my bedroom door locked and my FIL can open from the toilet (door open facing to my room), but this time I locked my FIL toilet room (I locked it inside the toilet door) so need to drill the door knob. The door knob still can used, maybe this weekend will change a new one.


mom2ashley said...

reminds me of maria's episode where she locked herself outside her balcony..

Kampungkai said...

poor girls...
well, it will be a memorable day for them. something to talk about when they have grown up hahah!

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. must keep a set of spare keys outside already.. dangerous. Poor Carrie.. And Carold can sleep through the whole thing huh?

wtpgRR said...

It's always the happiest thing to hear the children are recovering and well but its also part & parcel of life to experience such trill :\

Msau said...

I worry there will be a day for SQ too..hehe...just double check those spare key and put at the living room liao..if anything happen still can look for spare key mah...

Jesslyn said...

yeah, now we also get ready the spare keys, scare one day the same happen too!

maria @ twinsmom said...

welcome to the locked door game hor LOL... *sigh* happen countless of time of the bedroom door locked, so i changed it and got the key with me.

1+2mom said...

haha..yea yea!!

maybe she will remember this day.

zara's mama,
no need keep spare key cause the lock still can use..hehe..and yes, Carol can sleep through the whole things. She not even hear the noisy drill door knob sound.

yes, my son learn from that lesson and he know to open the door knob after that :)

better keep your spare key cause it really will happen 1 day :P

you are right but me and 1+2dad very lazy to change the new door knob so it happend to us.

you dare to laugh, you are the one whoes locked in the balcony first ler..muahahaha..some more 2 times, didnt learn from the lesson *sign*.

shiaulin said...

virus spread from maria and u got infected this time?? haha... a thought flash in my mind, all parents with twins girls like to play locked door game. muahahaha.... :D :D

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J said...

Last weekend when i went out of the bedroom, LLS also locked the door knob.. called him to turn unlock the door knob but unsuccessful. Luckily Egghead was inside the bedroom's bathroom that time. If he also outside the bedroom.. don't know how to open the door coz never take the key back from previous owner!!