Thursday, March 30, 2006


Monday nite went to Babyland bought some water color and some lady fingers let the kids play chop chop. Saw it at michelle blog, just want to let the kids keep buzy so my MIL can pray in peace.

The next day after the gals nap, my son play the painting again. Below are some of the pic.

Carol chop very neat and tidy.

This is what Carrie chop her paint, very messy not like Carol.

Carter like to do craft, he paint color carfully at the lady finger.

This is his monday final paint, haha very messy at the end.

This is Carter paint on the next day, i help some of it.

This is the final paint he had done, abit messy but better then the first one.


Zara's Mama said...

Not bad.. esp the last pic.. can frame up!

mumsgather said...

How did you do the lovely leaves?

Egghead said...

yeah lor... last picture really can frame up liao :)

mom2ashley said...

hey you should frame the final outcome and hang it on the wall! they are lovely!

Jesslyn said...

I must dig out the water color again this weekend, let Wien hv some potatoes & lady finger fun!

Potential Mom said...

wah....they like tare panda... like to "pa" floor??

like me only lar..keke..i always do my work on the floor...

hehe...carol, my cute sister... nice art work!! come come...milly jie jie teach u more next time... maybe u pontential too..keke.. :P

shoppingmum said...

Very nice painting, your boy will surely feel proud about it if it's hanged up for viewing.

Blogie-Talkie said...

very nice painting, I should try this to my boy, I almost forgot about this craft when schooling in Malaysia.
The last picture with green leaf, look like lips prints

markericks34124722 said...

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michelle said...

A new artist has emerged. I must do the hand & feet print this weekend.

1+2mom said...

zara's mama, egghead & mom2ashley,
haha..i dun think i'll frame up, cause he done alot of art work. I'll just took photos for memory.

i just went outside my house and pluck the leaves paint on it and paste it on the paper.

have fun with your gal on the painting.

potential mom,
not enough table mar so let them do it on the chance you can teach her.

shoppingmum, place to hang cause we dun like to make hole on the wall.

yahor..i didnt realize the leaf paint look alike lip, after you mention i see again it very nice ler.

wow great!!need to try it too. I saw some hang print final can be an animal or what after add some line on it.

Tracy said...

Haiyo, I still have not let Destinee try with water colour cos I'm scared she'll mess up my whole place.

Wow, the last piece sure was an improvement. Let Carter practise more and I'm sure he'll come out with his 'masterpiece'.

1+2mom said...

If you scare she will mess up your place try to let her play at bathroom, let her draw on the wall after that you can wash the bathroom and bath her in the same time. I let my son try at bathroom b4(very long ago)then i let him play at dining hall.

shiaulin said...

wah Carter can do it very nice wor! and now can see ur twins really carried different character ya, one neat and one messy :P more! more!

Kampungkai said...

so that's how Big Foot's footprint is like! The tree looks good. I see potential in both u and your son to be the next Leonardo Da Vincci :P!

CrazyGrr| said...

wow!! carter is good!! the last pic is impressive. :)

1+2mom said...

sometime my gals totally look difference..haha. I help him done the tree, ants and some leaves other he done himself.

Thank you!! Thank you!!

hehe..thank you, he like to do craft but not drawing :P

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