Tuesday, March 21, 2006

They do things together!!!

So many ppl will ask me whether my gals are twins or not? They very look alike, cause they are identical twins. They are many way look same and sometime we also will mix up too.

They like to sleep in the same post, the photos I posted it b4..here and here. Most of the day, they sleep together in the same time and wake up in the same time.

Eat & drink
They eat and drink together, when ever the other eat sure you will see the other ask for the same things. They drink milk together since I trained them sleep together in the same time.

They will pee and poo in the same time too. Funny?? If 1 of them pee or poo first the other will come in a min difference. So when I toilet train them, if I saw 1 of them wet their nappy or pant I will get the other one go toilet..hehe..she sure can done her business.

Most of the time they play together same as most of the time they fight of the same toys. I will try to get another toy for the 1 who cant play the same toy but if the other saw it she also want that toy, so if can I will get the same toy same colour for them. If just only one, I will tell them give back to her kor kor(brother), her kor kor want to play. No more fighting cause their kor kor want to play, some time my son will cooperate with me take back the toy but some time he scold me to give back the toy for them.

They dance in the same post, they lot of difference with my son. I though they should be difference cause they personality are difference but they dance in the same post. They like to shake their body but my son just shake his head when they dancing.

They bath together since they know to sit that is about 8 months old. Sometime they bath with their kor kor too.

They start talking almost the same time, now they talk equally. If 1 of them says the word like ‘dunwan’ the other will follow. They also like to follow what we said and their bother said.

I dunno other twins are same like them?? These twins give me so many new things to learn and find out. They are also miracle, still dunno what they think.

I asked 1+2dad b4, if 1 of them goes oversea (if used old passport) should the custom know they are twins if they used the same passport? Now I know cant, cause the passport got the chip that identify the fingers print.

I also think of if got boy want to pursue 1 of my gal then the boy dunno she is twins..haha..izzit got many funny things will happened?? I think too much!!!


Egghead said...

just make sure they dun fall for or marry the same guy :P

is amazing how similar they are huh!

Jesslyn said...

Will they marry at the same day? Will they give birth at the same day? wah, so many to think of ler...hehehe

So nice to have identical twins hor!

Zara's Mama said...

creepy hor? having twins?

Maybe they need to get married to twins also.. which I heard some twins do.

Jason said...

Yaloh, Egghead said what I wanted to say liao.

Hmm.. Maybe they can marry identical twin boy also. :P

Potential Mom said...

ee..what i want to say aredi said by egghead anf jason..

really wonder isit they will married at the same time, with the identical twins boy, pregnant same time, give birth same time, and.... alot alot...

haha.. hmm..twins really that "all also together??"

isit fall sick also both together ar?? curios!

Tracy said...

How wonderful it is to have twins, rite? So, there's such a thing call telephaty. Ur twins think alike too? If u beat one of them, does the other feel painful?

maria @ twinsmom said...

can't imagine if my girls are identical twins, blur like me may be I will mix them up gao-gao.
may be God know I very blur, so gave me a pair not look a like wan.

michelle said...

hehehe...i hope no one ask you whether they are sisters. :lol:

I would love to have a twin Emily but too bad no such gens in my family.

1+2mom said...

egghead,jesslyn,zara's mama,jason & potential mom, if they can get another identical twins husband not bad what..haha.

tracy, nolar..but they like to fight for each other things *sign*.

maria, but somehow they still look alike what?? Maybe their wear and hair style sometime make me blur, your twins at photo still look alike for me.

michelle, hehe..no one will ask like that but just will ask are they twins only. b4 i got children i also think of to have twins but now it really got 1 pair for me..haha..very happy.

Kampungkai said...

They will definitely play a trick on their future bfs... switch boyfriend! wahahhahahha... very very cunning and playful girls haha! it would be a very interesting story to listen to 1 day.

whispering hearts said...

so cute lar :O) amazing isn't it? the way they do things and act so alike. must be quite a pleasant experience to be their mommy...