Thursday, March 30, 2006

Visit to Twinsmom house

Last Sunday I brought along my children to visit Maria at Jalan Gasing. I call her few days b4 cause want to taste her cooking..muahaha. It 100% yummy, she make cream cheese fish on tortilla for us but too bad b4 I went to her house I had my breakfast and lunch. Carol and Carrie like it so much, but Carter didnt tried cause he is a picky food very scare to try new thing. 1+2dad fetch us to there and he gone home wait for my call to fetch us again.

When reached her house I call her, she went down to meet us. In front of her MIL house got a little tinny dog, I didn’t realize there got a dog until it bark to my son. Her SIL came out to we just say hi to her then we went up to her house.

I like her back house roof top (transparent), cause she hang her laundry there without direct sunshine and if raining no need care about the laundry will wet or not. She said sometime she already forgot about the laundry still hang there, sometime will leave it overnight at there too.

Tell you all a secret, Maria no look like her in her wedding photos. She just look like a secondary school gal, very very young looking. She very slim (now also slim liao compare last time I saw her), didn’t wear spec.

Annabelle and Isabelle brought my kids to their bedroom to play jump jump on their bed. Maria asked to have her cream cheese fish on tortilla, but I just ate so wait abit longer I tried it. It very nice and but not so crispy cause maybe already cold down quite long.

We chit chat there while the kids play around and watch TV. Later we went down stair to let her MIL saw my twins, and the kids play at her SIL room. I think about 15 min my son wants to go back to Maria house. At about 2 pm, 1+2dad reached and we gone home.


Potential Mom said...

y no curi curi capture maria's wedding pic?? show mah...kekeke...

y dunhave pic de???

Zara's Mama said...

Aaaah.. nice huh?
Her twins treated your twins like VIP woh.. that's wonderful. The last time I went, they didn't want Zara to play with their toys. :(

mumsgather said...

Oh! Two sets of twins playing together. Sounds like fun.

Egghead said...

sounds fun! must be very noisy and things flying around! maria must have tough time cleaning afterwards... LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Jesslyn said...

so good hor, can try Maria's food, emmm, must be yummy yummy!
I can imagine the 热闹in Maria's hse! hahaha...

1+2mom said...

potential mom,
aiya, i forgot to bring the camera and maria didnt take too so no pic to show.

zara's mama,
my twins old enough to play with them mar, zara still young maybe they scare accidently push her down.

hehe..but the other twins not look alike.

my kids and me help to pick up all the toys after we want go home..hehe.

very noisy that day, they ran in and out of her toys room.

Tracy said...

How nice of u and Twinsmom to have met each other and with the 2 sets of twins. Wah, I can imagine the enjoyment the kids had.

Next time if u are to go to Maria's place, remember not to eat anything, I'm sure she'll prepare her specialties for u to try.

1+2mom said...

I already know she had make something for us but the Nasi Lemak at my place there very yummy, i cant 'tahan'..hehe.

shiaulin said...

ok, for the reason of the wedding photos and yummy food, I must visit Maria when I back to Malaysia.

1+2mom said...

If you want to go when you come back call me go too, more lively.

maria @ twinsmom said...

oii... how can you blow my wedding photo to people wan... I keep it away next time... so pai seh...

so when you will come again? school holiday? can come on weekday what.

1+2mom said...

maria, wedding photo nice what, no need scare ppl see ler.
Weekday cant ler, cause no ppl send us go. Just can go on weekend, if twinsdad fetch us i dun mine..haha.

Allyfeel said...

Yoo..I envy you la, you get to taste the famous Twinmom's cooking. :D

1+2mom said...

you also can visit her if you want, but remember need to book b4 you go if not you cant taste her cooking hor :)