Friday, March 10, 2006

Successful Toilet Train

I start to let my gals toilet train when they were 18 months, about 8 months trained finally successful.

Actually I stop trained them to go toilet pee after a month tried. They still dun understand b4 want to pee need to tell me, I had to remind them every hour to bring them go toilet. I still gave them wear cloth nappy when I start train them but finally I know they already get used to pee in the nappy so they wont tell me.

Later I let them wear pants but still cant, so I decided to stop train them till lately about a month ago I start again. Why I start again?? Cause when I bring them to park ppl ask me why still let them wear nappy, can start toilet train them. I’m abit ‘kiasu’ mommy so I start again the toilet train and of cause they already 2 years old still wearing the nappy not so nice to see.

Try again, this time I let them wear pants whole day without replace back the nappy. First week still fail, but still try again. I let them sit on the potty when they want pee, first few time they scare of the potty. They scare sit on a hole and cant pee or poo on the potty.

Try few time, finally they can get used of it. Every time I remind them to pee in the potty that I put near the living hall. Finally I successes and now they will go pee and poo in that potty. If at upstairs, they will call me bring them go shhhh shhhhh (pee) or nggggg nggggg (poo).

No more cloth nappy to used and no need flow fold those cloth nappy. If I go nearby shopping and not for long I will bring them to toilet once finished shopping at shopping center, so long no accident happen yet. Later I will try not let them wear diaper to go shopping that need more hours to stay at shopping center, hope it will success too.


Jesslyn said...

You very patient wor...potty train them! My MIL train them, not me, me lazy mum la!

Lyon 15 mth now, also no wear cloth diaper anymore! She'll tell when want to pee or poo, but sometimes no tell, so got to mop the floor!:(..anyway 90% she will tell...only wear diaper at night or outing!

Tracy said...

Sure it wasn't an easy job to toilet train ur gals, rite? I was very luckily. It took me only a day to train my Destinee to be completely off diapers when she was 2 years and 2 months.

She didn't need to wear them even in the nite. It was not easy at the beginning esp. getting up in the middle of the nite to bring her to her potty. But now, in the middle of the nite, whenever she wants to pee, she'll call me or she'll toss and turn (her signal).

Tip: For a start, when u are out shopping, ask them whether they need to pee or not at intervals of 1/2 an hour. I'm sure they will get used to it and without u reminding them, they will automatically say they want to pee.

Egghead said...

wah! congratulations... I am still trying on mine :(

shiaulin said...

if u afraid 'accident' during outing, can let them wear pull-up-pants from Huggies/MamiPoko. with pull-up-pants much more easy to handle.

For Xuan, boy mah so i will bring along an empty bottle (500ml type), if can't find toilet or can't wait til go toilet, find a hidden corner and let him pee in the bottle loh. (Beijing shopping mall very hard to find toilet wan, if got also not very clean then my Xuan refuse to go in.)

Zara's Mama said...

Zara still shaking her head when I ask her to poo poo there.. She said scared scared.
But she'll tell us when she wants to poo poo.. she'll stand still and said, "poo poo" and then start to 'kook'

Sue said...

so good... I should start training Ivan not to wear diaper during the day too but it's quite difficult to depend on the maid to do this... tell her to do that, she ok ok, but then never bother to train him... how ar?

mom2ashley said...

congrats to you and your gals!

1+2mom said...

jesslyn, she very clever.My son still need 2 years plus to tell us when he want to go pee or poo although i trained him from 6 months old :(

tracy, thankz i'll try from now on when go shopping :) Yea, it not easy especially got 2. But mostly they will pee/poo together or the other will follow the first when finished..funny??

I still havent train my son (nearly 4 yo) no need wear diapers at nite, very lazy get up at midnite and i dunwan disturb my son sleep cause he sometime sleep very late.

egghead, thankz..your LSW will success soon.

shiaulin, wah bring bottle together go shopping???haha..but i know China there most of the toilet are so dirty.

If i let my gals wear pull up pants i think they still will pee in the diapers lar cause almost the same. MAybe will try one day but pull up pants quite expensive.

zara's mama, first few time my gals also scare of that potty. Let zara try few more time like when she want poo let her sit on the potty later she will know the potty is use to pee and poo.

sue, i think must depend on the mother herself.Sometime dun think the maid will do it even babysitter also wont, cause 1 of my friend said her babysitter will toilet train her son but just poo cause she still need to buy alot of diaper. I said if the babysitter will toilet train your son i dun think still need alot of diaper, right? She also a very lazy mother cause on weekend she also very lazy let her son sit on the potty poo..haha.

mom2ashley, thankz.

Sheryl said...

Great to hear that! Hehe...lessen your burden, no more washing napkin and folding it. When they really get use to it then another burden is away, no more wasting money on diapers. hehe..I guess being a mother is not an easy thing to do so. Lots of work to do. Luckily you've got the time if not...cham loe...
Way to go...I am sure soon they dun need diapers..

1+2mom said...

sheryl, thankz but still long way to go cause my son still not yet 100% dun need diapers..hehe he still need it at nite.