Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Toilet train

I had started the girls for their toilet train when they were 18 months old. Every time b4 they bath when I take off their cloth I just call them go inside the toilet pee.

Sometime they bath with their kor kor, so they know the kor kor ‘style’ pee. Yes, they were standing when they pee. I just want them know if they want to pee need to go inside the toilet and I dunwan to force them pee in the proper way.

Later about 1 week, they know b4 bath they need to go in the toilet to pee. It was successful for the 1st step. Then I teach them the proper way the girls pee.

In the 1st place, they cant do that so continue standing. Few days later, they know what I mean to squat down when want to pee. So now every time I bring them to toilet, Carrie will squat down to pee without I telling her but Carol I must keep remind her to squat down to pee.

I know them still young to start toilet train but I just let them know when pee should go in the toilet. Sometime I forgot to bring them to toilet, they still pee in the nappy.

About the poo..hehe..very lazy mommy, still let them do in the nappy or diaper. Will start that soon, cause I know must let them know to poo in the potty or toilet bowl first then I can let them start wear nice nice pant. If not, they will poo every way when wear the pants *cause I try that b4, need to clean the floor again and again*

Hope the toilet train successful soon, cause my son I start train him when he was 6 months old *cause that time very free just takecare 1 baby, so can do many things* and totally he managed to tell me he want to go toilet when he is about 2 years old. I claver liao, start late then can success soon..muahaha.


Msau said...

very cute ahh..2C follow korkor style peeing ..hehe ... hmm..wondering if got baby girl 1st..will didi follow jiejie style or not ler..hahaa

1+2mom said...

msau, you can have try but i dunwan any baby liao..hehe. Last time i saw an article also said her daughter follow her 2 kor kor style pee very hard to turn back wor. Luckily, my 2c got no problem on this. Now both of them squat down to pee, but sometime still want to remind them :)

shoppingmum said...

At my kindy, there's a 4 yo girl who stands and pee. no koh koh at home, but parents just let her be. So, have to tell her to sit and pee at school

Milly said...

shud ask mamibee when i start my toilet train..!! haha..

but fromwhat i noe, mamibee nvr let me use milk tumbler when i just 1 years old...she train me to use cup where that age is stil very young...!!! reverse i wanna use milk tumbler..!! haha

1+2mom said...

shoppingmum, that girl still stand when pee?? My girls now squat down when pee liao, just sometime need to remind them.

milly, my son still used milk bottle when nen nen. If i let him used cup, he sure cant finish the nen nen :(

shiaulin said...

i started to train my son to poo in the potty when he is just few months old BB only. and train him to pee had started 2 months ago, when he is about 17mths old. for me i felt much more ez to start to train poo then pee, coz now he still will pee on his pants when he is too excited playing with daddy... :@

1+2mom said...

shiaulin, welcome to my blog..nice to have you here. Yea, is more eazy to train late cause i try on my first son when he is 6 mth old but need he 2 yo plus then he manage to tell me he want to go pee.

So i start my girls late, it really more easy to train. They understand what i mean and hope can sucess soon :P

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