Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Golden Bread

Refer to Loc Kee he blog about the Golden Bread shop, we try it on Saturday nite. It really a golden bread, we wait about an hour then can taste it.

Last Saturday, 1+2dad back from Shanghai and reach home about 10.45pm by cab. So me and my son decided to accompany this poor daddy go have his dinner (my girls slept liao). My son said wants eat yau za guai so we go for this Golden Bread at SS 2 branch to taste it.

We reach there about 11pm quite many ppl there and there have up stair and down stair, so we get a sit at down stair cause I told 1+2dad we need pay money first then can get the food better sit down stair so we can get it faster.

The waitress pass us the menu and a piece of paper with the pencil then walk away, I’m not so mad cause oledi know this type of service. We look at the menu and choose our food.

1+2mom order : yau za guai with kaya (RM 1.80)
1+2dad order : spaghetti (RM 5.80) and a glass of juice dunno what name liao (RM 5.50)
Toddler order : yau za guai with chocolate (RM1.80) and a cup of hot Milo (RM 2.50)

The drinks come first. WTF ! This Milo can call Milo ar? I make better then them, it just a size of a cup of coffee only but the Milo I think they just put 1 teaspoon cant taste the Milo and the dunno what name of the drink really very small cup.

Nvm, we wait for the other food. Waiting, waiting the spaghetti come and 1+2dad finish the spaghetti the yao za guai still not yet come.

We waiting about 30 min my son ask me where is he yao za guai? I told him : “you take this paper go ask that jie jie where is your yau za guai, ok?” My son didn’t answer me but he still sit on his place.

About 20 min later, finally the yau za guai came so we fast fast finish our food then rush home cause I scare my girls will wakeup to find me.

1+2dad dun dare to order the other drink cause it really wait for so long and we scare they follow the queue then dunno wait for how long to get the other drink.

This is the first time and the last time I go for their food! It damn expensive and not worth to eat, some more wasting time to eat the not so special yao za guai. The yau za guai with kaya cost RM 1.80/pc 1+2dad said can buy a cup of home made kaya put on it also not cost so much wor.

I highly recommend dun go for a try too. You can make it at home, they just put some jam on the yau za guai only. The special yau za guai very expensive and the potion very small, 2 or 3 bit no more liao and it cost RM 4 and above.

Haiz..tomoro 1+2dad wanna outstation again. This time he goes to Sandakan for 2 days 1 nite, he will be back on Wednesday. So sinz..end of this month maybe will go to Jakarta too.

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