Thursday, April 07, 2005

Maid back to Indonesia

My maid will go home next Monday, she been with us about 15 months only. She still have contract with us (2 years) but her family got some problem so she need to go home settle it, she wont come back afterward.

So start from next week onward, I got no time to blog and read blog. I must week up early to do the house chore, than need to take care the kids all by myself.

Actually, on Feb she said she wants to go home, but later she calls her family than decided to stay till middle of Oct. By the time, my girls can understand what we want. If without any maid I still can look after them all by myself, but now it very hard to do that.

My girls just know to walk, so need to pay more attention to them. Maybe will send my son to nursery just for the morning section then when he back to home that time can sleep together with my girls.

Hope all the thing can be done by me without any help. I just scare my son will go disturb my MIL to do her work (MIL is a WAHM ‘work at home mom’), she cant help me to look after him.

My main problem is my toddler son, he is a very active child. He got lots of energy to spend. He just need about half to 1 hours nap then can continue his fun till nite about 11pm to 12am.

I’m so sad cause I’m not a good mother. I got no time to spend with my twin daughters all the while. My son he too sticks to me and sometime he dun wan to play with his sisters. He just wan me to play with him and need all my attention to him.

All this while my maid help me to take care my daughters, I just look after them only. Sometime I feel my daughters are not my daughters, they still close to me but I feel like got a gap between them. I feel like that cause I take care of my son all by myself, but my daughters usually with my maid. I just can fully pay attention to them by the time they sleep with me at nite.

Sometime I feel so guilty so I take some time play with my daughters, but my son will go disturb my MIL till she cant do anything. So my MIL will ask him to go find me or call me to bring him away from her.

Any suggestion that the toddler can play together with the baby, so I can have less stress to get my son away from my MIL and I can feel relax when look after them without any help?


Msau said...

No looking for another maid mee? if oledi used to help by maid really difficult to do it urself again ohh...must take double time liao..

Twinsmom said...

whao...what a task ahead of you, get something to attract yourson attention lor, drawing? playdough?

1+2mom said...

msau, we dunwan any maid liao! They make us very headache, i young mar still can do all the thing but need some time to get use of it :P

twinsmom, all that you mention my son get boring liao :( need othe thing to attract him. I will go and find some, maybe will let him join when i doing house chore :P

ic3_que3n said...

1+2mom, i think ur on jealous ler. usually like tat 1! mayb can talk to him and get him to understand. good luck!